24 September 2021


The last trial in the trial of Pastor Pawel Chojecki – the prosecutor’s office demands ten months of imprisonment! Verdict to be announced on June 10

On May 28, the third and final hearing took place in the trial of Paweł Chojecki, pastor of the New Covenant Church in Lublin and editor-in-chief of Against the Tide TV. 

The prosecutor is demanding ten months of prison, a fine, and the removal of content that would have harmed other people from the channel. The court adjourned the case until June 10, when the judge is expected to deliver a verdict. [Article] 

As a reminder, the accusations against Pastor Paweł Chojecki are based on quotes taken out of context. The accusations are: offending the religious sensibilities of Catholics, insulting the president, and praising the initiation of war with North Korea.

During the hearing, final speeches were delivered, including a touching speech by Andrzej Turczyn, the defender of pastor Paweł Chojecki.

Before the hearing, Pastor Pawel Chojecki published a statement on his trial and called on Polish and foreign Protestants to join in the defense of common values. [Article]   [Movie]

Meanwhile, massive support for Pastor Paweł Chojecki has arrived from across the ocean. The largest anti-communist organization in the United States and the world, The John  Birch Society, published a recording on its channel in which the former head of the organization, Art Thompson, presented the case of Paweł Chojecki, expressed his support for the pastor, and encouraged Americans to send letters about the case to the President of Poland, the Minister of Justice, the Polish Embassy in the USA, as well as the Lublin court in which the case is pending.  [Article]  [Movie

The judge who is leading the case of Paweł Chojecki confirmed at the last hearing that more than 400 emails came in just in one day! 

Internet users also supported Pastor Chojecki by recording short statements about their reasons for supporting him.

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We talked to the mayor of Prague’s largest district, Ondřej Kolář, who in 2020 was one of the targets of attacks by Putin’s agents for his anti-communist activities and had to hide under the protection of Czech special services. He told us about Russia including the Czech Republic in the list of hostile states. Kolář stressed that if the European Union does not understand that such a situation is unacceptable, then any chance of change will be lost.  [Article]

Päivi Räsänen, Finland’s former interior minister, was accused of hate speech for publishing a picture of Bible verses. The former minister explained her motivation for telling the truth, stating that the belief deriving from the Christian faith is more than just an opinion and that the early Christians did not disown their faith in cages with lions, so why would she do so in the courtroom. [Article]   [Movie]

Grandchildren of Maksymilian Jarosz – a Cursed Soldier and the Righteous Among the Nations

We also talked to the grandchildren of Maksymilian Jarosz, the Righteous Among the Nations. Marzena Chojecka, Kornelia Chojecka, and Krzysztof Machała talk about who he was and what he wanted to convey to future generations, as well as what we can do today to save people like Maksymilian Jarosz from oblivion.

Mikołaj Rey – a descendant of Mikołaj Rej and a TVN celebrity– about the conversion and… the life in the castle!

Mikołaj Rey, a descendant of the father of Polish literature, Mikołaj Rej, and winner of Masterchef on TVN, appeared on our TV. In an interview with Paweł and Marzena Chojecki, he talked about his childhood in Montrésor Castle in France, the history of Polish Great Emigration in France, and his conversion.

Eliza Michalik, journalist and columnist, supported Pastor Paweł Chojecki

Eunika Chojecka talked to a journalist of Onet.pl and Radio Nowy Świat (New World) journalist Eliza Michalik, who commented on what is happening in Poland as a result of article 196 of the Criminal Code (about offending the religious feelings), and also explained why Pastor Chojecki should be supported: If there is a severe punishment against several people, including Pastor Chojecki, then everyone, every internet user who writes something on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else, can expect the state to investigate them. After all, it’s like Orwell’s 1984, the Police of Thought. Everyone will end up sitting quietly. Just in case.

Pedophilia and sex scandals in the Catholic Church – Church did not issue pedophilia commission files

In May, news broke out that one of the most dangerous pedophiles, Father Jan W., had repeatedly violated the Church’s ban and was seen outside the seclusion. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church has refused to issue a pedophile commission with files on the case. Tomasz Idzikowski – victim of Father Jan W. – told us that the Catholic Church is probably afraid of the content of the documents. It could turn out that the phenomenon is much more widespread than what is known to the public. 

We also talked to Janusz Szymik, another victim of a pedophile priest. He said that if it turned out that John Paul II knew about the cases of sexual harassment committed by clergy and about the systemic cover-up of pedophiles by bishops, archbishops, and cardinals, then it would mean the collapse of Polish Catholicism.

Will Law and Justice surrender sovereignty to Poland? What will be the effect of the Reconstruction Fund? Comments from MPs: Lech Kołakowski, Dobromir Sośnierz and Andrzej Sośnierz

On May 4, the Sejm adopted the National Reconstruction Plan, which includes the use of money from the EU Reconstruction Fund. The admission spurred a lot of controversies and also sparked a wave of comments. On Against the Tide TV, we talked to MPs: Lech Kołakowski, Dobromir Sośnierz, and Andrzej Sośnierz, who expressed their opinions on this subject. 

Lech Kołakowski, a non-attached MP, explained why he voted against the conditions of the European Council for the Reconstruction Fund: There are many risks associated with this Reconstruction Fund. As a result, taxes will be imposed on the Polish state – several taxes that will directly affect Brussels, which violates our sovereignty and our identity. Poles voted in European accession for a Europe of homelands, not a federal state.

 The Member of Confederation, Dobromir Sośnierz, referred to his speech in the Sejm, in which he called the Sejm a Partition Sejm and EU money he called poisoned. 

 Andrzej Sośnierz, on the other hand, commented on the Left’s exotic alliance with Law and Justice.


Medical show A doctor in Against the Tide

In May, we presented a new medical show A doctor in Against the Tide, in which Dr. Małgorzata Kubicka-Frączek discusses cholesterol issues.


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