Due to restrictions, damages and losses in the Church’s activities, as well as the suffering and ailments of its members, the New Covenant Church in Lublin, which also runs Against The Tide TV, decided to send a pre-trial letter to the Chinese Communist Party calling for recognition of Chinese communists’ responsibility for the COVID-19 pandemic.
An appropriate letter on behalf of the Church was sent by Attorney’s Office of Andrzej Turczyn through the Embassy of the PRC in Warsaw. Here is the full text of the letter calling on the CCP to acknowledge its guilt for the novel coronavirus pandemic:
Two weeks ago, Against The Tide TV also posted a petition on the White House website for US President Donald Trump to hold the Chinese government responsible for the novel coronavirus outbreak. We have already collected almost 70,000 of the 100,000 signatures required. The deadline for collecting signatures is the 15th of April 2020.