Your gang is harassing innocent Christians! – said to Jaroslaw Kaczynski Pastor Pawel Chojecki, editor-in-chief of the TV station Go Against the Tide before the forced labor to which he was sentenced by a Polish court for criticizing the Catholic Church and the PiS government.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski on Saturday addressed undecided voters:

“It is necessary to say to those undecided: maybe you have some grudges against us, maybe we failed somewhere, but don’t be fooled, because what was will come back. What was also against you, don’t be silly, we weren’t perfect either, but even when it came to all sorts of mistakes, we were able to admit them.”

Pastor Pawel Chojecki described the words as begging for votes and replied to Deputy Prime Minister Kaczynski:

“No, Jaroslaw. Neither the communists who ruled Poland, nor Tusk’s Platform, which ruled, harassed innocent Christians – that’s what you and your gang did! […] You were not able to admit to this court crime. I hope that the consequences of this will reach the Poles. I hope that what I have written on my back: “Convicted for criticizing the Church and Law and Justice,” will never again affect the younger generation in particular. I hope that the time of persecution of Christians in Poland, taking revenge on innocent people just because they criticize the government and the Catholic bishops’ mafia in Poland, that this time is quickly coming to an end. So help us God.”

In front of the Lublin open-air museum building where Pawel Chojecki is to serve forced labor, dozens of people demonstrated in support of the pastor and against the suppression of freedom of speech and religion and the unjust sentence.

The demonstrators held brooms, symbolically identifying themselves with Pavel Chojecki, who begins serving his sentence of forced labor today. They also held banners with the words: “Shameful sentence,” “Pastor, we are with you,” “Freedom of speech,” “Article 196 of the CC to the trash!” and “We are going for freedom.

Briefly about the trial of Pastor Pawel Chojecki

Pawel Chojecki, pastor of the New Covenant Church in Lublin and editor-in-chief of Go Against the Tide TV, was on trial for words uttered during sermons and in programs aired on the television he founded. The prosecutor’s office accused him of insulting the religious feelings of Catholics, insulting Catholic objects of religious reverence, praising the initiation of a forward war against communist North Korea, and insulting the Polish Nation and the President of Poland. The court of first instance sentenced Pastor Chojecki to eight months of restriction of liberty in the form of community service and ordered him to pay legal costs of nearly PLN 21,000. Four appeals were filed to the verdict. The Court of Appeals in Lublin upheld the verdict of the court of first instance. Under the Polish system, Pastor Chojecki can no longer appeal the verdict. The case will be referred to international institutions for consideration.