Thanks to Taiwan from Against the Tide TV and November 11 Movement for helping Poland after the Wuhan virus attack

We are extremely grateful to Taiwan that you decided to GIVE Poland medical protective equipment.

Poland and Taiwan have a common history of fighting against communism that dates back to the times of World War II. Free Poles have always admired Taiwanese’s steadfastness in the fight against Chinese communists. We are also happy about the fruits of Taiwan’s great diligence and wisdom. Today, Taiwan is not only one of the largest technological powers in the world, but also the country that best responded to the virus attack of the Chinese Communist Party.

Today, when you have fought off an attack on your land, you can help the whole Free World. We thank you with all our heart for also choosing Poland and sending us the medical protective equipment, even in this difficult time, when many countries, even our largest ally, the United States, needs help in the form of such equipment.

Poland is on the eve of the peak incidence of COVID-19, and our health care and supplies are running low. Free Poles will long remember the helping hand of the Taiwanese people stretched out to us at the time of trial.

We also congratulate the Taiwanese people and government and the President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen for being the first to – wisely and firmly – fight the biological attack of communist China and to be effectively stopping the epidemic up to this day. You are the role model for all free nations of the world.

Pastor Paweł Chojecki, editor-in-chief of Against the Tide TV

Michał Fałek, chairman of the November 11 Movement

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