@3!?%! the world has gone mad! Riots, disasters, China threatening the world with war, conspiracy theories, Freemasons and fu*k knows what else. How am I supposed to figure this whole shit out? And where the fu*k is God? The Catholic Church is collapsing. Cardinals are pedophiles. Welcome to The Time of Apocalypse. Artwork by Andrzej Patalon.

The story takes place during the time of the Apocalypse. Our hero is witnessing forced microchipping of people, total control and terror by the government, where the antichrist – a global political leader – heads the new world order. Eventually, the hero is captured…

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Screenplay / drawings: Andrzej Patalon
Cooperation: Eunika Chojecka
Bible consultation: pastor Paweł Chojecki
Proofreading: Michał and Anna Fałek