A test for Polish President Andrzej Duda on Free Hong Kong

Dear Mr. President,

We are delighted that, by representing Poland, you are deepening bilateral allied relations with the United States, leader of the coalition of the Free World countries.

We also hope that Poland will decidedly side with the United States in the conflict between the states of Western civilization and the Evil Empire, the current leader of which is communist China. Chinese communists are trying to make other countries dependent and colonize them through economic initiatives, the so-called New Silk Road, and the construction of the 5G network by Huawei.

In recent weeks, China has broken subsequent international agreements and abolished the autonomous status of Hong Kong. This means an even greater threat of torture and death for thousands of young Hongkongers who do not agree with the communist occupation of their homeland.

Poles, due to their history and civilization affiliation, show solidarity with nations fighting for their freedom, especially those fighting against communism.

The National Security Act, which was just imposed on Hong Kong by Beijing, means that anyone – regardless of their nationality or location, and therefore also a citizen of the Republic of Poland – may be considered a person guilty of having violated this law. Therefore, if a Polish citizen who criticizes the Chinese government’s policy falls under Chinese jurisdiction, even while transiting, he may be arrested by the Chinese services.

Therefore, we urge you to take an official stance on behalf of Poles condemning the aggression of Chinese communists on Free Hong Kong. As a nation that contributed greatly to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the communism of Moscow, today we cannot shirk the solidarity and support of other nations who fight the same enemy.

We pray that you will find in God, the strength and wisdom to take appropriate action.


Pastor Paweł Chojecki,

on behalf of the Against the Tide (Idź Pod Prąd) TV community