“Communists observe free societies very carefully. They’re not stupid. They’re very intelligent, but they’re morally corrupt. They serve evil. (…) They looked at these freedoms, they looked at these great things and thought about how to use them to defeat us. (…) These are attacks whose purpose is to make us destroy ourselves, make us take away our assets, like our freedom and our cultural heritage.”

In his opening speech of the 6th annual Clubs Conference of the Against the Tide TV Clubs, Paweł Chojecki, Editor in Chief and Pastor of The Church of New Covenant, explained how the communists have used our freedoms against us.

Full transcript of the speech below (link to the video at the end of the text)

I would love to be standing on stage in front of you and be able to see several hundred familiar faces. It’s a little strange, to be in the studio.

I think it will be more of a lecture rather than what it usually is when we could be in contact with each other, where we could experience the same emotions,  the same things.

Today, I will try to present an overview of what is happening, and the respective speakers will fill out the chapters of this geopolitical book that is being written today.

I based my introductory lecture on five points.

The first one is a fun fact. Those of you who have read or seen the movie about Viktor Suvorov “Aquarium” remember his astonishment when in the ’70s, being a GRU [Main Intelligence Directorate] agent, he turned up in the west. 

What was he so astonished by? What surprised him?

The second point: the change of society and the fade away from economic differences.

The third point: a clearly defined attack.

The fourth point: our freedoms at gunpoint.

And the fifth point: defense.

As I emphasized before, this is only an outline. You would have to write a book for each of these points.

We could discuss this for a long time. I hope that we’ll be expanding these topics in our daily programs, every weekday at 1 pm.

Our freedoms used against us

Viktor Suvorov, an agent trained by the GRU to destroy our freedoms in the west, at one point in his career, fled westward.

But when in the mid-1970s he came to Europe, to Switzerland, to Austria, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

He was trained to know what was going on in the west, but that world of liberty, that world of freedom that he saw…

He thought, “Wow, it’s so easy to infiltrate them! It’s so easy for me to operate here! No one controls me! I have the right to do anything! “

Let me remind you that he came from the Soviet Union. He never experienced freedom in his life. He thought “We’ll conquer this world very easily because it’s defenseless”.

But after a few years of living in the west, he ended up staying there. Why? 

The world of poverty of the Soviet system contrasted with a wealthy, abundant world. I experienced it for myself in 1986 – as did those from the Eastern Bloc –  when, I was given the right, for the first time, to leave the Iron Curtain. But that’s not all.

We were in a world of dullness, submerged in hopelessness. 

And over there, we saw a colorful world, a world of hope, a world of opportunities.

No wonder that even GRU agents fled to this world of freedom.

A changed society

But almost 50 years have passed since then and we have cultured a Chinese dragon with huge economic potential. Today, if someone goes to a large Chinese city, not to the countryside, but a large Chinese city, or if the residents of large Chinese cities go westward, they can’t see that difference anymore.

NYC, New York, USA
Shanghai, China

And on top of that, our approach to freedom has changed. 

Indeed, freedom never enjoyed great recognition. 

That is to say that only a small part of Western Christian societies was ready to put their neck on the line for freedom.

We know this from a Polish perspective, but I will give you American data.

When American colonists stood up to fight against the British Empire, only 3% of them engaged in the fight and little over 20% supported them.

Do you think this percentage increased or decreased since then? I think it decreased.

Due to the destruction, the systemic destruction of the spiritual life of the Christian civilization, of Western civilization, the percentage of freedom-loving people has decreased.

To sum up, here’s the picture of the situation: we have rich, tempting Chinese communists who want to take away our freedom in exchange for pennies. It’s nothing but an illusion of wealth. 

And against that, we have the West that is growing poorer, with people who are detached from their roots, detached from spiritual life, who cease to value freedom.

If nothing happens, what do you think will be the result?  I do not doubt as to the outcome.  

Spying on our freedoms, a clearly defined attack

Now, I’ll show you a passage from the Bible. Maybe you think that I’ll be talking about some spiritual matters. No.

I’ll talk about spies. I’ll talk about the spies who came to spy out our liberty.

Apostle Paul describes it in Galatians 2: 4.

“But it was because of the false brethren secretly brought in, who had sneaked in to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, to bring us into bondage.”

Already back then, there were spy rings, operational activities, false brothers, subversion, that is. And the goal: bring into bondage, bring us into bondage. 

It’s worth remembering that communists observe free societies very carefully.

They’re not stupid. They’re very intelligent, but they’re morally corrupt. They serve evil.

That’s why they advertently watched our civilization.

They looked at these freedoms, they looked at these great things and thought about how to use them to defeat us.

Hence, the attacks we are now facing are very precisely planned attacks.

These are attacks whose purpose is to make us destroy ourselves, make us take away our assets, like our freedom and our cultural heritage.

What freedoms were targeted during the first attack, that is the CCP virus attack? 

– The freedom to travel

– The freedom of assembly 

– The autonomy of churches. The separation of church and state, because that’s what the free American republic has achieved.

– The freedom from government control

– The freedom of speech

Several more points could be added. How did the CCP virus attack those freedoms?

Let’s first take a look at an excerpt of President Trump’s speech. Our television is the only one in Poland that gave the full [translated] version of the US President’s speech. 

Nearly 400,000 Poles watched what the government-owned public television, which allegedly supports the West, hid. 

But Go Against the Tide TV delivered it to you very quickly. You had it ready the next day, and soon, probably half of a million Poles will have watched this material.

Curiously enough, one of the leftist politicians, or left-leaning politicians, the Marshal of the Senate Tomasz Grodzki, spoke about this Chinese attack.

He got so caught up during one live program, that he said to the host: “Do you know what the outbreak of the epidemic in Italy was all about? There’s a little Wuhan around Milan. The Chinese population that lives there is from Wuhan. They went to China for the Chinese New Year on January 25 and returned, en masse, carrying the coronavirus.”

These are the words of one of the leading Polish opposition politicians, spoken on March 10, three months ago already.

The whole world knows it’s being assaulted. But it pretended that there was no attack. 

Apart from the United States, we were the ones to organize a petition. 

It was a huge success. Over 100,000 signatures in three weeks, to hold China’s government accountable for this aggression with a biological weapon.

The western societies that have been attacked faced a dramatic choice: Either limit those freedoms which I’ve mentioned earlier or let millions of people die, face a paralysis of the health service, and in some cases, the eventual paralysis of entire countries.

The proper reaction to this biological attack – led by the communists – was strong, but very short. It was mostly voluntary restrictions of our freedoms to nip the epidemic in the bud. 

However, only a few Western countries did so.

Chinese agents influenced that matter.  They took advantage of the freedom of speech operating in the West to confuse a huge percentage of people about COVID-19 as well as about the plans of Chinese communists.

The result? We see it with our own eyes. The pandemic has gone into a long-term, sinuate phase, and governments are using it to permanently limit civil liberties and to increase control over citizens, on the model of China, based on the achievements of Chinese communists.

Other freedoms at gunpoint

On top of that, came a second attack: America has been set ablaze and unfortunately, we’re still watching it take place.

What freedoms have particularly been attacked here?

– The freedom of peaceful assembly

– The freedom of political activity

– The equality of all before the law, regardless of race, color, education, gender, etc. Equality of all before the law.

– The right to historical heritage was also attacked. The monument of Columbus which was tossed in the lake or the statue [of Jefferson Davis], the president of the Confederate States of America that was torn down in Richmond are examples of us being stripped of our historical heritage.

George Washington statue devastated and toppled in Portland
Protestors attempt to pull down the statue of U.S. President Andrew Jackson in the middle of Lafayette Park in front of the White House during racial inequality protests in Washington, D.C., U.S., June 22, 2020. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

– The government’s and police’s right to protect citizen lives and properties is also under attack. 

In Minneapolis, where the riots began, there’s a plan, or even an intention, to abolish the police.

Unlike the attack with the CCP virus, this one required not only propaganda, mainly by the means of social media, but it also required the involvement of physical agents.

It required a very large number of trained agents on our territory.

President Trump also referred to that matter saying: “The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization.”

At last, it’s been said.  But we need to look at the bigger picture here, at the enemy forces that we’re dealing with.

We, of course, have terrorist militants, mainly leftists. 

Afterward, we have a revolted youth, detached from history and culture, indoctrinated in Marxist high schools or ideologized universities.

There’s also an enormous and increasingly demanding social electorate living on welfare alone, which has developed, as psychologists call it, learned helplessness.

They can only live by directing new demands towards the state or municipal government, and they’re unable to take care of their own lives.

And finally, the foulest group is the one made up of idiots. By that, I’m not referring to intellectual disabilities. I understand it as the ancient Greeks understood it: the absolute confusion in the polis,  that is, politics and social values. 

It’s either an idiotic group or a paid-off group of journalists, politicians, clergymen – yes, priests, pastors, rabbis too – and above all academic authorities and culture representatives, which in most part, are leftists. 

What are the fallouts of this torching of America?

The undermined trust in the Republican state. Chaos. It’s already happening.

Now, citizens are starting to create their militias. They’re starting to organize themselves to defend their homes.

The Republican state, the pride of the West, is ceasing to function.

Furthermore, there’s an increase of internal tensions and antagonisms, leading to the deployment of the army in the streets. 

Public trust has always been the strength of Western countries because it was by knowing how to work in groups that we realized great achievements in the past.

Teamwork – it’s all being shattered before our eyes.

Dual state power.  Today, American Democrats, trying to endear themselves to rioters or this leftist trend, want to take down monuments of American heroes, even from the center of the country. 

They’re doing the same thing as the crowd who beheads or throws Columbus’ statues in the lake. 

So we have dual power. One part of the political scene renounces its culture and stands against America.

America is at the forefront of the free world. The fall of America means the fall of our world.

The next fallout concerns the Western societies’ functioning, especially those of large urban agglomerations, becoming more and more like that of communists.

Curfews were in effect in America’s capital. Chinese communists achieved this. 

To sum up, communists insidiously used the achievements of Christian civilization, of a republic having personal freedoms, civil liberties, to attack us from the outside – with the CCP virus – and from the inside – with rioters setting fire to America. 

But it’s not just America: in Australia, in Poland also. The Tadeusz Kosciuszko monument in Warsaw was vandalized. 

This is happening right before our eyes.

Without a firm response, a swift end of the Western Christian civilization will ensue. 

Best defense is… offense

So what can we do? What’s our defense? President Trump already began it on the political level, namely:

A quick political and economic isolation of the Evil Empire until the collapse of the Chinese Communist Party. 

That’s the first step on a political level. 

Second: Restoring strict border control. God gave us borders, but leftists say that borders are unnecessary. So, who’s right? Now, we see clearly.  

This control should especially apply to citizens, or rather, to those from totalitarian states, suspected of supporting the Evil Empire.

This also includes stopping the artificially forced migration of people.

Next up should be the shutdown of the state educational system, because that’s what creates the space for leftist militants who, being at the head of a brainwashed crowd of revolted young people, can overthrow our civilization, practically with impunity.

The next point is quite difficult. I named it: how is an internal enemy different from an external enemy?

When we’re at war and the enemy is on the outside, we either don’t let him in, or we chase him away, or we shoot at him. We do all sorts of things. 

But if that same person – and here I remind you of what Suvorov said  – crosses the border, he or she is endowed with all the rights that the citizens of the republic possess.

Something has to be done with it. I don’t have a good idea.

This task belongs to politicians: they must develop a system to ensure that our freedoms don’t serve Antifa or communist agents, but rather serve citizens who love God, freedom, and want to serve their country.

Nowadays, it’s not easy to find an answer to this question.

Finally, all of these points listed above are nothing but a short-lasting hold against the barbarian intrusion, because walls won’t last for long. Everyone will eventually be forced through. 

It’s only the wall made of human hearts, that once it rises, it will be unstoppable. That’s why we must return to the spiritual foundations of our civilization.

I once asked, “why is the US Constitution so thin?” Only a few sheets of paper. Do you know why? Because the Bible that stands behind it is thick.

The Founding Fathers of the United States said, that the Constitution is for moral people who derive virtues for their life from the Bible.

If you tear away the people of America from the Christian biblical foundations, the Constitution alone will be of no help. 

Therefore, I will once again read a fragment of the Bible, the same one I read earlier.

Apostle Paul, Epistle to the Galatians, second chapter. But after verse 4, which I have already read and will read again in a moment, there’s verse five.

“But it was because of the false brethren secretly brought in, who had sneaked in to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, to bring us into bondage.  But we did not yield in subjection to them for even an hour so that the truth of the gospel would remain with you.”

This has always been the duty of Christians: to stand on guard for truth, to stand on guard for freedom. You and I cannot be missing from this rampart.  

So help us, God.