In an exclusive interview for Polish television Idź Pod Prąd (Against the Tide) TV, Solomon Yue – CEO, Republicans Overseas, RNC Member since 2000, Co-founder of RNC Republican National Conservative Caucus & Conservative Steering Committee, calls to boycott Chinese products and explains why the Communist China is worse than Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany.
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Ivan Belostenko: Hello dear viewers. This is Ivan Belostenko, from Against the Tide TV from Poland. Today is the 30th of March. With us, we have a very special guest from the U.S., Mr. Solomon Yue, CEO and Vice Chairman of Republicans Overseas and co-founder of RNC Republican National Conservative Caucus and Conservative Steering Committee. Thank you very much, Mr. Yue for joining us.

SY: Solomon Yue: Thank you for inviting me.

IB: It’s a great pleasure. Let’s jump into the questions. You have supported our petition [to President Donald Trump to hold China accountable for the coronavirus]. Thank you very much for doing that. We really appreciate your help and your support. Can you tell our viewers why you did it and why do you think this petition is so important?

SY: This petition is so important because it’s the first step for war damage claims. This is a war and, for the first time, it has killed many, many citizens outside of China. During the Cultural Revolution and during other Chinese regime massacres, they’ve killed the Chinese inside of China.

Now, they’re killing foreigners outside of China. Of course, they’re doing damage to our economy – the kind of stuff you can only do during war time. But guess what – there are no bombs, there are no bullets. There’s a virus.  And they’re lying about the virus and are covering up information about it.

As far as we’re concerned, it goes all the way back to September 18. They did a drill, a coronavirus emergency response drill in Wuhan. And the military participated. My question always was: what do they know that we don’t know? Why was it as early as September 18, 2019? That’s why I thank you for your leadership in launching this petition. The world needs to unite and ask for war damage [reparations] from China.

IB: That actually raises one of the questions that I wanted to talk with you about. We spoke with Larry Klayman, the CEO of Freedom Watch USA. Apart from the lawsuit against China for the damages for the coronavirus, he also raised a lawsuit against the intelligence agencies in the U.S., claiming they withheld information from President Trump and have misled him. Do you think that’s possible that something like that took place, from what we know now as the deep state?

SY: Yes, there is concern about our own intelligence service and community and the deep state. In fact, they’re more interested in taking down Trump, through the Russian conspiracy and through impeachment. Meanwhile, America is not protected.

Guess what! Today, on Twitter, I posted an article from Japan. They wrote that Chinese laboratories were experimenting with the corona virus as a bio-weapon. We don’t know how it got out, but it got out and we all got affected. Yesterday, Dr. Fauci was predicting that it could kill as many as 200 000 Americans. They will have a lot to pay.

IB: You mentioned a couple of times about war, that this is a war. It’s an interesting fact that the “Theodore Roosevelt” carrier has just been disabled. It’s now off course and it’s not able to take part in this mission. This effect on the U.S. military and the fact that this virus has stopped the normal activities and the preparedness of the military, has some allies in NATO raising concerns whether or not the U.S. is still capable of supporting and protecting its allies. What’s your take on this, regarding the fact that it’s so serious? That it’s the first time since Pearl Harbor that a U.S. carrier has been down.

SY: It’s very, very concerning regarding our military readiness. This thing will affect our military readiness and also, will economically bankrupt us, bankrupt our economy. That goes for our ability to fund our military as well. Yes, I am concerned about that too.

IB: We are speaking about China paying for the damages following these acts of war. What is going to happen if China refuses to pay some of these class action lawsuits or if the government demands China to pay. What then? What’s next?

SY: Actually, I saw something very interesting today. I think China is facing internal problems. The kind of problems, I actually tweeted [about] this morning: I came too late. I feel guilty. I couldn’t do anything to help my parents. Meanwhile, they got quarantined, locked up and murdered by the virus. And the government is responsible for murdering them (paraphrased) In the Chinese culture, this kind of guilt and shame is psychologically very, very powerful. This will enable their own citizens to want to question the government.

As matter of fact, the government cannot even get people to come out and to go to work, because they know that the government lies. That’s the kind of stuff you’re going to see – internal pressure. That’s going to lead to mass unemployment. People won’t [be able to] find a job or [they’ll] get fired. And that, on top of the shame and anger we’re talking about, is based on Chinese culture. If you can’t protect your own parents, if can’t do anything for your parents, or save your parents, it’s such a shame.

So, with that in mind, Trump has tariffs. And we have another tool called “boycott made-in-China-products”. When all of this comes together, I want to see what they’re going to do, and whether other nations will follow our lead, including you guys, who have already launched this petition.

Today, I posted an article on Twitter about Italians saying We want China to pay for war damages. The same thing is happening everywhere. This is going to be a worldwide movement. With this kind of movement, we can do a lot. Think about a boycott of “made-in-China” products worldwide. What would happen to their economy? It’s already a freefall. What would happen to their employment rate? Freefall, again. What would happen to their stability? What would happen to the Chinese control of their own people? This is going to happen. I can predict that.

[To understand] the reason this is happening, you have to put all this kind of stuff in the perspective of the Chinese culture. If you can’t help to save your own parents, it’s definitely a sin. And this going to have a psychological, long-lasting damage for China.

IB: Larry Klayman also proposed that we might just freeze paying off the debt that we have to China. That’s possibly another scenario. And of course, when we speak about China, we talk of course about the murderous communist regime, the CCP. We aren’t talking about all the Chinese people in general.

SY: I would add one more thing. You’re right about our national debt to China. Also, that brings us back [to the fact that the] Qing dynasty actually owes U.S. government money. That’s still China. They claim they’ve been united for 2 000 years. Then, pay up! All those things are going to be open and we are going to figure this one out. But accountability – foremost. And the damage claims – later.

IB: What is your take on our government praising Xi Jinping and the Chinese communist regime. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but our president and the government are praising them for how well they handled the crisis. What are your thoughts of this? Ar the CCP and the communists worthy of any praise in any area?

SY: Absolutely not. And I’m sorry to see that happening, but I’m not surprised, because the CCP has been buying friends everywhere. And guess what! That’s going to go away too. They trap people, or nations, with their Belt and Road projects. And now, those nations can’t pay. Guess which bandwagon they’re going to join. They will join our bandwagon and ask for war [reparations]. So, I am very, very hopeful. Those guys will all change their minds. Today, they might seem to praise Xi Jinping, but people like you in Poland will stand up.

That goes for other countries in Europe. Guess what will happen to the UK. Now, 10 Downing Street is changing its tone. We’re all facing the same thing. We’re all going through the same process. And people are not going to allow their government officials to continue praising Xi Jinping. That’s the bottom-line.

IB: Now, we’re seeing China trying to put forward a narrative that they’re open in helping Poland repeat their success in handling this virus. Unfortunately, our president praises them for that and is trying to advocate for China and praising them here, in Poland. What are your thoughts on getting any help from the CCP in any area, especially in the handling of the coronavirus. Is that wise?

SY: No, it’s not. I posted a video clip yesterday on Twitter of a Chinese worker in a Chinese factory making masks and using those masks to clean his shoes. Can you imagine? Those masks will be sold worldwide. So first, they came at us with this coronavirus. Then, they tried to profit from the export of those masks. Those masks will make us sick, if not kill us. They might even kill us!

So, the problem is that if any government official, no matter from which country, unknowingly brings those masks and medical supplies in, and people get killed or get infected, what will the response be? Your people will rise up and take them out in the election year. That’s the beauty of democracy. We have our recourse to hold our elected officials accountable for this kind of stuff.

IB: We saw you tweet earlier that the new Evil Empire is the Communist Chinese regime. Could you comment on that? What were you referring to? Are you talking about the same thing that Ronald Reagan once said during the gathering of [The National Association of] Evangelicals?

SY: Yes. Most people don’t realize what we’re facing, especially all the killing that’s been done within China for the last, I don’t know, 70 years, all the way up to Tiananmen Square. The body count is at 78 million Chinese. Now suddenly, we wake up. Now, non-Chinese, people who have nothing to do with China, are being killed by this virus. Our economy got ruined by this virus. And they’re still denying it, still lying, still covering it up.

So now, the threat is outside of China and directed at peaceful and innocent people. And when that happens, you say ‘’Oh my God, this is worse than the Soviets’’. When Ronald Reagan brought down the first Evil Empire, he [was aware of] the threat. This threat, which is this new Evil Empire, will try to harm you, try to kill you [in order] to bankrupt your economy for world domination. Freedom loving people realize this. Guess what they’re going to do. They’re going to stand up. They’re going to demand our governments to take on this Evil Empire and defeat it.

IB: Just on the topic of Evil Empire, I saw one of your tweets from about a year ago, you stated: What I do is God’s calling. My moral absolutes are from my belief in God, my prayer got me through Mao’s Cultural Revolution, and also that American Christians should support Honk Kong. We always talk about the fact that Christians should stand up for what’s right and get involved in politics, even though some people say it’s dirty. You obviously get involved in politics as well. Could you tell us a little bit more about your story, about your faith, and why do you think that Christians should be involved in politics?

SY: Christians get what is right and what is wrong, and those are absolutes. And with that in mind, they also have a faith. Through my own ordeal, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut as a teenager in Communist China. You guys in Poland have been through the same thing. So, the way they punish you, is that first of all, they go after your parents, because they can hold your parents responsible. Now, when I talk about feeling guilty and putting your parents through – for example, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I criticized government policies and my mom, a school teacher, got sent to the country side to be reeducated by farmers.

Now, that really pissed me off. You can do something to me, because I’m responsible. But you try to take it out on my mom. And understanding the cultural background – you respect your parents, you have reverence for your parents, you love your parents and you’re supposed to take care of your parents – so, that’s the same guilt and shame you’re talking about. [That’s why] I understand what’s going on in China right now. That’s why I’m predicting that we’re going to see a revolution.

Eventually, that didn’t change me. I didn’t keep my mouth shut and I spoke up and guess what! They sent me to the country side to be reeducated by farmers. One of the punishments was that I had to use my bare hands to spread cow dung, fresh cow dung. I was lucky they didn’t kill me. But they did tell my parents that they could make me disappear in the night and my parents would have to pay for the bullet.

When you live through this kind of stuff, you think about what happened to the poor Falun gong [practitioners] and the Uyghurs, where 2 million of them are in concentration camps facing so called organ harvesting. What is organ harvesting? You butcher those Chinese citizens and take their organs out and sell them for profit. That is organ harvesting. Nazis didn’t go so far as making profit from selling Jew’s body parts.

So, when I see this, I realize that China isn’t only an Evil Empire, it’s a new Nazi. What should free people do? Stand up, fight and bring it down! Another thing, is that faith does get you through. Take a look at what happened to those Falun gong [practitioners]. They’re still out there fighting even though they got butcher. What gets you through is your faith.

IB: Thank you very much sir for these kind words. We will keep praying for you guys in the U.S. and for what you’re doing in regard to this virus and also for your relatives in China and for Christians in China who are oppressed and opposed to this oppressive regime. Thank you very much for being with us. Any last words?

SY: God bless all of you guys and stand up for what is right, and let’s fight for freedom together.

IB: Amen. Mr. Solomon Yue, Vice Chairman and CEO of Republicans Overseas. Thank you very much for joining us today.

SY: Thank you.

IB: God bless. This was Ivan Belonstenko for Against the Tide TV. Thank you for watching.

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Article credit: Katarzyna Wierbol, Hanna Jazgarska