On Saturday, May 4, an aggressive man kept kicking and banging on the door of the building, where a meeting of the New Covenant Church of Lublin was in progress. He was yelling offensive phrases and threats against the church. Shortly, the police arrived at the scene and arrested the aggressor. The case is under investigation by the 1st Police Precinct in Lublin.

This is not the first attack on the church property and its members. In September last year, the church lodge near Nowy Sącz was attacked; it was plastered over with offensive stickers and the entrance was splashed with feces. The billboard rented by the church has been damaged several times. Illegal threats, including death threats, are often directed against Pastor Paweł Chojecki, his family, and the editorial team of the Go Against the Tide TV. The police, ministers in the Polish government, Brudziński and Ziobro, as well as the Polish ombudsman have been informed about such incidents each time. None of these institutions and individuals have taken actions comparable to their reactions to similar cases of attacks against the Catholic Church. Media is also silent on this subject. This calls into question the notion of the rule of law and equal treatment of all citizens
in Poland.