During a conference called “Geopolitics and Christianity,” which was organized by the Baptist Christian Church in the Republic of Poland, its leader, Pastor Dr. Mateusz Wichary and Dr. Jacek Bartosiak, a pro-China lobbyist, pushed the propaganda for communist China – a criminal state persecuting its citizens and fighting Christianity.

The conference took place in Warsaw on April 13. In his speech on communist China and the New Silk Road, Pastor Wichary presented some ludicrous theories:

“(…) it is not an accident that millions are converting to Christianity in China. (…) Now, when we consider again this New Silk Road, I am certain that it will benefit the Christians – 100% guaranteed, as they will likely become either Chinese workers or diplomats. God has a plan in this, and it is not an accident that the Chinese have such particular selfish desires. God will use this in His own way, and I think that, indeed, this will aid the development of Christianity.”

Hanna Shen, the correspondent for the Go Against the Tide TV in Taiwan, who has followed the policy of communist China for years, responded to Pastor Wichary’s revelation on the live program:

“It is a tremendous disgrace and, indeed, a great victory for the Chinese communists. At the time of the massive repressions against Christians in that country, stories of how wonderful the New Silk Road is and how much good it brings are told in Poland, in a Baptist Church.”

Hanna Shen added that talking about the New Silk Road as a blessing to the Chinese people is a blatant lie:

“The premise behind these statements is that the New Silk Road will help the Chinese people, that thanks to it they will open up to the world (…), that it will be beneficial to the Chinese Christians and to us. To respond to this it is enough to let the average Chinese speak, who ask with increasing intensity why the government spends billions on some investments abroad while the education in China is broken (there are many places lacking regular classrooms; children still study sitting on the floor; and textbooks are shared by several students). The health services in China are also broken (one has to pay for everything in that system, people often sleep in front of hospitals to even have a chance to see a doctor – even in Beijing). The Chinese people themselves are beginning to inquire why money is spent in other countries, which neither benefits them nor those countries, as they accumulate huge debts and are unable to develop, and must increase taxes. Therefore, saying that the New Silk Road is in any way beneficial to the Chinese or Christians is a big, fat lie. This man uses a “Dr.” prefix in front of his name but tells such fairy tales.”

Pastor Paweł Chojecki of the New Covenant Church in Lublin also commented on Wichary’s statements on the Go Against the Tide TV:

“(…) this position of Comrade Doctor Pastor Wichary calling for building the Silk Road, because there are many Christians in China and Christianity is spreading, can be compared to saying, «Let’s collaborate with the Third Reich, because a resistance movement is growing there…» Yet, Christians are in a huge conflict with the communist authorities. They are persecuted and murdered. All the while Wichary says: «let’s collaborate with Hitler, their abuser, so that the Christians will be better off».”

“Pastor Wichary began the meeting saying – in agreement with me – some truths concerning God and geopolitics. Next, during the same lecture, within less than an hour, he said that we, Christians do not get involved in politics. Then, at the end of the lecture he added, “Let’s build the Silk Road… to evangelize China.” Can you see, dear Baptists, how he makes fools out of you?”

Mateusz Wichary, who spoke with such a positive attitude about communist China – despite the fact that human rights are violated and concentration camps are functioning there – at the same time decried the United States of America, the most Christian country in the world, and – de facto – the Trump administration:

“I would be quite reluctant to equate America with the power of good. That would be a too far-fetched simplification. Of course, a lot of good resulted from what transpires in history, in the fact that America used to be a kind of a leading power. But looking at certain changes taking place today in the United States, I would not be much convinced that this is that power. And now, speaking as a Christian, I would be afraid to make a claim that God still wants to bless America today. How do I know this? I don’t. Perhaps He wants to, perhaps He does not. Perhaps He wants to use someone else in His plans. We, as the Baptist Christian Church, collaborate with neither of these two sides. As far as the political perspective is concerned, I will not speak out; it is not my area.”

During the discussion after the lecture Wichary declared that President Trump was not a Christian.

“Pastor Wichary spent a lot of time refuting the teaching that the United States is the stronghold of Christianity and that it is a Christian country. He even negated the Christian faith of Donald Trump, just as the Catholic Pope Francis has done” – Pastor Chojecki commented on Wichary’s attitude. Let’s recall that during the 2016 election campaign in the USA Pope Francis proclaimed that Donald Trump was not a good Christian.

“The aim of this communist narrative is to create an impression that, indeed, we are dealing with a new order. In other words, there is an empire that is crumbling, and we have an empire that is rising and will soon take the world under its control. The United States is understood to be the irrevocably crumbling empire, whereas China is the rising one that is about to take over the power. The truth is entirely different. China is a colossus on clay feet. Chinese economy is considered good even with the growth at the rate of 2% (even Chinese economists admit that) – Hanna Shen added.

During the conference both, Pastor Dr. Mateusz Wichary and Dr. Jacek Bartosiak, underscored the importance of a balance between good and evil. Dr. Bartosiak asserted that life requires a balance and harmony, and that communist China (sic!) is able to guarantee that harmony. Hanna Shen commented on his statement:

“How desperately the Chinese need a harmony is curiously reflected in a phrase they use: ‘someone got harmonized.’ It is a reference to a situation where someone is arrested for publishing something on the Internet or when his or her Internet account is deleted.”

Pastor Paweł Chojecki stated what the teaching of Jesus Christ sets forth the attitude toward evil:

“Christians are called to conquer evil. We are to conquer evil, not to remain in balance with it.”

Hanna Shen and Pastor Paweł Chojecki also mentioned the events in China-controlled Hong Kong, where the communists gag the free people and lock them up in prisons. Pastor Chojecki referred to one of the freedom activists, Pastor Chu Yiu-ming, who is currently on trial for his actions. The magnitude of Pastor Wichary’s treachery is even more prominent in the light of the former’s stance:

“This 75-year-old Chinese pastor is an inspiration and a paragon. He has shown that despite such terrible circumstances, being at the very kernel of darkness, it is possible to stand proudly and faithfully with Christ. During this trial God gave him an opportunity to give a clear testimony about his turning to Jesus Christ. Thanks to that, the truth about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, as well as their consequences for every human being reached hundreds of thousands – if not a million – people in Hong Kong. This pastor did what he was supposed to do. Perhaps he will pay for this with his life, though only the temporal one. We are anticipating the eternal life. Yesterday, we asked Pastor Bob Kraft [an American, who fights for freedom in Hong Kong] to pass onto Pastor Chu Yiu-ming that he is an inspiration of great pride and encouragement to us. By contrast, let us consider Pastor Wichary. He is a disgrace to the Church of Jesus Christ because he is not under any threat, yet for some favors or other benefits he sells the faithfulness to Christ by promoting Chinese communism within the Baptist Church in Poland.”

According to Hanna Shen, the only connection between this conference and a church was the location, since it was held in the church’s fellowship hall. In terms of the content, however, it looked like a discussion between two materialists.

“The saddest thing in this situation is in the fact that the communist, godless lies were proclaimed at a Protestant church, at the Polish Baptists’ place. The leader of the Polish Baptists, Dr. Mateusz Wichary, belied the Christian message and introduced the communist narrative to Polish churches. Pastor Wichary deceived his church into fraternizing with Catholicism through the ecumenical movement. And now Dr. Bartosiak, an “expert”, who trains Catholic priests in the matter of relations with China, has been ushered to the protestant community allowing him to whisper the diabolical teachings there.” – Pastor Chojecki concluded.

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