Recently, the Polish media widely commented on the criminal trial of a Protestant pastor, Paweł Chojecki. The government’s Prosecutor’s Office has accused him of insulting the religious sensibilities of Catholics and insulting the President. Some journalists, as well as haters, have said many critical and even offensive words about him. But are they true? Who is Pastor Paweł Chojecki?


Pastor Paweł Chojecki. Raised as an atheist. As an adult, he decided to become a Christian.
Today, he is the pastor and founder of the New Covenant Church in Lublin. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief of Against the Tide TV, its magazine, and publishing house.
He graduated from the special university class in the Stanisław Staszic High School in Lublin, where he also met the love of his life and, now, his wife – Marzena. She was the answer to his first prayer to God.
In 1981, he participated in the preparation of the anti-communist teachers’ strike in Lublin. Shortly before the introduction of martial law, he also took part in the Independent Students Association strike at the Cracow University of Technology.
During their studies, he and Marzena developed their love for mountains. As students, they became Tatra Guides.
Even then, they dreamt of changing Poland and doing something extraordinary. After many disappointments in the student life and the first era of the Solidarity movement, they finally hit the right track. They discovered that before achieving great things in the public sphere, they must first change themselves!
It was then, in 1986, at “Wisła” Hall in Cracow, at the age of 23, that Paweł Chojecki made the most groundbreaking decision in his life. He realized that Jesus is not only a historical figure, but is also alive and close to everyone. It was then that I understood that Jesus died on the Cross to pay for my sins, to free me from eternal Hell. God said in the Bible that I will never earn salvation with good deeds, that the only one who can save me is Jesus – and that He wants to save me for free, regardless of what I do! And together with my wife, we asked Jesus to save us there and then, Pastor Chojecki says.
Immediately after turning to Jesus, Paweł Chojecki became involved in the activities of Fr. Blachnicki’s campus ministry and in American mission organization called Campus Crusade for Christ. He then became an active lay Catholic animator.
In 1988, along with his friends, he founded a Christian association called ‘Reconciliation’ in Lublin. They began publishing the monthly magazine of the same title and printing Christian books in limited editions.
However, he soon discovered that the Roman Catholic Church isn’t based on the Bible, but on human dogmas that contradict Scripture. He realized that it is not the Bible, but the Magisterium of the Church that is the highest authority in this organization, and that according to Catholicism, what Jesus did on the Cross of Calvary is not enough for salvation, but that sacraments and so-called good deeds are also needed.
In 1989, he decided to leave the Catholic Church.
He founded the Christian Community ‘Reconciliation’ and ran the Publishing House of the same name, which was already printing Christian literature professionally. At that time, Paweł Chojecki also translated books from English into Polish.
In 1996, he established the New Covenant Church in Lublin, which was then entered into the Register of churches and other religious associations.
In 2003, Paweł Chojecki began publishing the Christian social and political monthly ‘Against the Tide’ and became its editor-in-chief.
Paweł Chojecki embarked on a pioneering path in Poland by combining pastoral and political activities. He joined the free-market and conservative party, the Real Politics Union, which at that time was the most libertarian community in Poland. He became a member of the group’s Main Council and its spokesman. Along with Artur Góski, a Law and Justice MP, he organized a meeting of of RPU leader with Law and Justice leader Jarosław Kaczyński.
After a few years, however, he left the party after its leaders adopted a pro-Russian rhetoric.
In 2008, pastor Chojecki established Against the Tide TV.
8 years later, on February 1, 2016, Paweł Chojecki started a daily program on Against the Tide TV. The show is devoted to commenting on current topics. Initially, in terms of live viewership, the program was one of the most popular on YouTube, gaining from several thousand to several hundred thousand views. Holding the New Testament in front of the cameras became pastor’s hallmark. Since then, Against the Tide TV has already sent many thousands of copies of the New Testament in the whole country!
Against the Tide has become a grassroots patriotic organization. It’s not only a newspaper, a television, or an internet portal – it’s a community of people scattered all over the world, whose hearts beat for freedom and Poland! Those people are committed to devoting their energy, time, and funds for these values because Against the Tide is a medium that functions not thanks to taxes or state subsidies, but thanks to the support of its amazing viewers!
Although Paweł Chojecki graduated from the Cracow University of Technology, not a theological seminary, several thousand people listen to his sermons every week. He is involved in planting churches, overseeing the formation of over 20 communities in Poland and among the Polish community abroad.
His goal is to return to the good traditions of Poland from the times of the Golden Age and the Protestant Reformation when the Bible was the focus of the Polish elite, and freedom and tolerance were at the highest level in our history. He wants to achieve this by reaching Poles with the Gospel of Jesus about free salvation!
Pastor Chojecki initiated the Megachurch project, an initiative aimed at the evangelization of Poland which is based on four pillars: strong local churches, modern media, a Christian university and Christians in politics.
The motto of his ministry is, “Zeal for Your house will consume Me.” (John 2:17).