Li Zhihui, a Falun Gong activist, persecuted by communists, the extradition of whom communist China demanded, has left detention today. The Court of Appeal in Warsaw decided that Mr. Li’s extradition to China was unacceptable and released him from the Warsaw-Białołęka detention center.

The information was provided to the Against The Tide TV, as the first medium in Poland, by Mr. Li’s defender, attorney Krzysztof Kitajgordzki.

I cannot believe that this ordeal of my client, which lasted two years, has just ended, lawyer Kitajgrodzki told in Against The Tide TV. 

After the release from detention, Li Zhihui is to stay in a rented apartment in Poland. His legal situation in Sweden is to be investigated.

In my opinion, for the time being, Mr. Li is safe only in the territory of the Republic of Poland, said the activist’s lawyer.

Li was arrested almost two years ago at Chopin Airport and has been in custody since then. The case of his possible handover to communist China was brought to the Supreme Court. The Ombudsman was involved in the process.

The prosecutors changed their opinion on the activist several times, finally arguing in the Supreme Court against extraditing Mr. Li to communist China.

In January, the Supreme Court granted the cassation of the extradition judgment. He referred the case to the Court of Appeal for reconsideration

The businessman, who has lived in Sweden since 2012, actively supports the Falun Gong movement which was fought by the Chinese communists. The official allegation against him is that money has been illegally withdrawn from China. Formally, he is even threatened with life imprisonment.

However, Zhihui Li argues that the accusations are unfounded and cover the real goals of the Chinese government, namely, the persecution for involvement with the Falun Gong movement.

Li claims that if he were to be handed over to communist China, he would be at risk of torture and death.

Li’s lawyer revealed in January on Against The Tide TV that his client had been placed in the same cell with a man suspected of espionage, former Huawei manager Wang Weijing. However, unlike Wang, Li was not allowed to contact the media.

Mr. Li did not get permission to contact journalists, while the Chinese [manager of Huawei Polska – ed.] accused of espionage within the 5G teleinformation system was allowed to publish his political manifestos via the Polish media. This shows that Poland has a clear bias towards communism, then commented Pastor Paweł Chojecki on Against The Tide TV.

The case of Zhihui Li was reported in Poland by Against The Tide TV and TVN. Attorney Kitajgrodzki emphasized in Against The Tide TV that the role of the media was crucial in this case.

I believe that the role of the media was very, very important. As far as I know, your materials have made their way all over the world. I know the “Financial Times” wrote a big article. I know it went through Canada, the United States, Great Britain. This issue was watched very closely in Taiwan, thanks to your program, the lawyer said.

You played a very important role in achieving justice, he added.

Krzysztof Kitajgrodzki also praised the attitude of the prosecutor Anna Adamiak.

The regional prosecutor appeared at the hearing. Last year, she was the only representative of the prosecutor’s office to oppose the extradition of Mr. Zhihui Li to the Chinese authorities. […] As far as I know, she is a person who knows international politics very well, the realities of different countries. She is an expert in the field. Her position was in line with the defense and it made the whole situation easier for my client. I am grateful for this, because, unfortunately, the prosecutor’s office was absolutely against it earlier. It was absolutely disadvantageous [for my client – ed.]. The greater is my appreciation for the prosecutor who took a position not only compliant with the principles of the rule of law and order but also consistent with a conscience. If the prosecutor’s office acted like that in every case, I think that our country would be much better, said Kotajgrodzki.

The lawyer also spoke about how Mr. Li endured the two-year detention when he was facing the threat of being sent back to communist China, where he would probably face torture and death.

I had the opportunity to talk to some of the people who were in one cell with Mr. Li, and they all emphasized that Mr. Li prayed a lot. He did pray a lot during these two years. I think that it was the only reason why he survived, Mr. Kitajgrodzki said.