– It will be very hard to top President Trump. In terms of his way of dealing with Israel, it was amazing! We had a remarkable friend in the White House for four years – says Johnny Daniels, founder of From the Depths foundation in an interview with Eunika Chojecka for Against the Tide TV.

President Trump “really pushed forward even with peace in a way we’ve never seen before, in terms of dealing with the Arab countries with a strong hand”, says Daniels. “Something that was unique, different, and not very diplomatic. And I think this really helped President Trump kind of shake up the whole balance of dealing with the Middle East.”

“It’s going to be very very different to what we saw with President Trump. It’s a completely different world”, says Daniels with regards to a potential incoming Biden administration. “It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out in the Middle East, how it plays out with Iran and internally in the USA. Well, we have a very interesting year ahead of us, that’s for sure.”

Daniels is not worried about the future US-Israeli relationships and is optimistic. “The relationships will be different and they always are different when you have a different president. (…) Biden has been out to Israel many many times. The Israeli leadership knows him and is close with him and with the people around him. His pick for people in key positions that are connected to that issue, seems like the kind of people that we know and have dealt and worked with”, says Daniels.