“When you peel back the layers of this social justice movement we are really looking at Marxist theology.” – Director Scotty Curlee lecturer in LibertyU, War Room [2015] and Extraordinary [2017], talks with Eunika Chojecka from Against the Tide TV, about the new Oscar Academy awards guidelines.

“When we pull apart this process of BLM and what organizations are behind it. What is the theology or the methodology behind it that is driving it, it’s a little bit concerning. In fact, it’s a big concern. As you peel back the layers you realize there is an agenda here that is not healthy for the freedom it is not healthy for the USA.”

So the academy is reinforcing that [BLM and social justice] movement that is currently going on in the USA. […] When you peal back the layers of this social justice movement we are really looking at Marxist theology.

“Yuri Bezmenov who was intelligence specialist with the KGB defected to Canada and then the USA warned of ideological subversion. It’s a four-step process. Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis, and Normalization (new normal). And this social justice movement involves a Demoralization process. We are currently at Destabilization and quickly headed towards Crisis here at the elections.

The Demoralization process has been at play for a very long time. You do that through education and entertainment. A lot of these agendas have been injected through these two modalities. Most people have not realized that entertainment has been used as psychological operations or Psyops. Used by the military quite often. So when you begin to understand the 80,000-foot view and how these agendas fit into progressing the Marxist movement, it’s quite concerning.”

“Great filmmakers with great stories will be excluded because they will not fill the criteria of these new sets of guidelines. […] It’s getting away from craft and putting too much political agenda into art. It’s hard to separate the two, they always collide in one way or another but this will bring out some strong emotions from people.”

“The jobs should go to the most qualifying people whether if it’s all caucasian, Asian or black actors it doesn’t matter. We shouldn’t inject all these artificial parameters to meet a particular quota and if you don’t you are excluded from the potential of being awarded. We should think how we can help the artists tell the story.”

Do you feel discriminated as a filmmaker? “Some of the guidelines are directly excluding what we believe as born again Christians. It’s the opposite of our agenda as Christians. There are certain things in there that I don’t agree with that, again, fit into this Marxist agenda. When you pull it apart it’s about disassembling the nucleus of the family. It’s about ideologically subverting the generation watching this entertainment and now the academy is part of that process rewarding it which is totally unfortunate.”

“All of us are concerned about the way this is going. These OTT platforms are going to lose viewership. (…) We will see how they will respond by how they spend their money. They will not watch the academies. The numbers have been going down and you will see less people watching and subscription will drop in the years to come.”

Cooperation: Ivan Belostenko