The real motive for passing this Hong Kong #NationalSecurityLaw is that they want to steal Hong Kong’s 400 billion US dollars reserves. They have run out of money. […] If Biden gets elected, it will be hopeless for Hong Kong, Taiwan and the free world, this would mean that the PRC won against the free world and that it’s over, game over.


  • Over 90% of Americans want revenge from the PRC for Covid19 – behind every dead person there is a lawyer demanding accountability. They are mad as hell.Every congress member I met in the USA was very anti-CCP.
  • COVID19 is murder, China hid the evidence, West is looking for more evidence to avoid starting a war against China. 130,000 people died and you don’t declare war?
  • Pope Francis is a communist, 2 billion dollars/year bribe for Vatican, CCP handpick list of potential bishops and cardinals x Vatican’s internal communication server owned by Huawei controlled by CCP have access to compromising pictures
  • Forget doing business with China they are broke – rich Chinese families stole all the money and invested it outside of China
  • TAIWAN: Get diplomatic relationship with USA, recognized as an independent country and purchase nukes immediately, don’t wait for elections.

In his first and exclusive interview for Polish media, Elmer Yuen an influential Hong Kong Businessman reveals the true motives of the CCP for passing the #NationalSecurityLaw in Hong Kong, the #CCPVirus pandemic, Chinese influence in the Vatican and much more. His goal is simple. To destroy the CCP and outlaw them… FOREVER.

Full written interview below:

Eunika Chojecka: Hello, this is Against the Tide TV from Poland. I’m Eunika Chojecka and, with me, is Mr. Elmer Yuen, a Hong Kong entrepreneur. He supports Hong Kong’s pro-democratic protests. It’s an honor to have you on our TV.

Elmer Yuen: Thank you, thank you very much for inviting me.

EC: Firstly, I need to say that we really appreciate what you’re doing in Hong Kong and it’s incredible. 

EY: I appreciate your support. Even though we are so far apart, we share the same spirit.

EC: Of course, today we’re going to talk about the current situation in Hong Kong and about the new national security law, which was forced by Communist China in Hong Kong. But my first question is more general: how has Hong Kong changed in the last 23 years since the People’s Republic of China took over Hong Kong, Mr. Yuen? 

EY: The biggest regret we both have is that Americans allowed the communists to continue to rule China after the Tiananmen Square incident in 1989, which is about the same time as your regain of independence from the communists. So, that was the beginning of trouble. In fact, the Sino-British Joint Declaration was negotiated since the mid-’80s, but then they had the Tiananmen Square, which basically exposed the communist way of suppression. They did it in Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia. But then, it was too late, because the British had already agreed to return Hong Kong to the Chinese, to the Communist Chinese. So, in 1997 was the handover. In the first five years, they behaved, the communists behaved. Mr. Jian Zemin, the Party’s Secretary of the CCP, said I put the joint declaration book and the basic law which is the result of the joint declaration, he said I put it in my pocket that little book.

But then, after 2003, they tried to start forcing Hong Kong to legislate the security law, something like what they just passed. So, Hong Kong was up in arms. Hong Kong, at that time, had about 7 million people, and 500 000 people took to the streets. And suddenly, the communists realized they don’t control Hong Kong. And as you know, the spirit of communists is to control everything, including your talking, your belief, your spirit and your religion. They want to control everything. So, when they see half a million Hong Kong people on the street, they say, wow, Hong Kong is out of controlWe need to impose our system of control. So from 2003 onwards, they have been infiltrating the whole Hong Kong system, starting with the police, the administration, the business, everything, they just sent in their own people. So right now, we have 7.5 million people. Roughly, about 2 million people came from China after 1997, and those people are all loyal to the CCP.

So, in the basic law of the Joint Declaration, they promised us direct elections, free and direct elections, both for our legislative body and our chief executive. We used to call him ‘governor’ in the British state. Chief executive is the highest executive power in Hong Kong, government executive. But then, they thought this is going to be trouble because they’re going to lose control. So, they reacted, and they said oh, we’re going to do this seven years later.

So then, by 2014, suddenly they said one country, two systems, no, one country is more important. We need to respect one country, and the two systems is secondary. So then, they said we have no plan for direct elections, for both direct elections. So, of course, Hong Kong people were very, very disappointed. We had the movement of ‘Occupy Central’. Basically, we occupied the central district, which is the business district of Hong Kong, for several months. We didn’t get anywhere. They didn’t get to do anything, because we had no arm, we had nothing. We just have a freedom-loving country; we have the international press. And then, by last year, they initiated an extradition law in Hong Kong, which means they can extract anybody to China and have the trial in China instead of Hong Kong. All they have to do is to notify the Hong Kong court. They don’t need to go through any Hong Kong trial. Of course, people were up in arms because they could catch anybody, kidnap anybody, and send them over the border legally to stand trial. They’ve been doing that anyway, but not that many, and mostly on their own people to corrupted officials who stole money and then caught them and then, they took them back and forced them to cough up the money.

So, last year, we stood up against them. I’m sure you saw them on TV. Our young people actually used umbrellas as their violence, and the police, of course, used everything. They have all the riot gears to suppress the people. And almost 9 000 kids were arrested, and lots of kids were tortured. Girls were attacked and raped. And many murders. We never know how many there are. The communists are very good, as you have experienced, in destroying evidence. And we don’t know, thousands of kids have been sent to China, across the border to camps. We never have any evidence. This is what they’re good at. So, in thousands, in thousands. Finally, with the pandemic around the world, they know the world is busy with the pandemic, so they start again with this national security law. While everyone is busy with pneumonia, with the Wuhan virus, they try to pass this law. This is a draconian law. They can send in their own police, their own prosecutors and their own judges. Of course, they hide it. They say it’s recommended by the Hong Kong government, but then the Hong Kong government has full control. We know that by the time this law was passed on June 30, we knew by then that it’s all over. Our freedom, every kind of freedom is over. They can do whatever they want.

EC: Could you tell our Polish viewers, what this new national security law really means for Hong Kong, in practice?

EY: This is a law not passed by the Hong Kong legislation. It’s passed by Beijing. They didn’t even let anybody see the details until June 30 when they published in the Hong Kong Gazette, the government’s paper. The law basically says they have the right to overrule all Hong Kong laws. They can send their own policemen. They are not accountable to the Hong Kong government, and we have no right to stop them; our police have no right to stop them. They can do anything, freely with no interference by the Hong Kong government. Basically, it means one country, one system, and we have an appearance of our own law. It’s very much the same, maybe what your country experienced with the Soviet Union. They can come in and do whatever they want. It’s very similar to our situation. That’s why I was very sympathetic when you guys were successful with Gdansk, and we feel the same way, very happy for you.

EC: You said in one of your interviews about the rape of Hong Kong. Could you explain to our viewers what you meant?

EY: The police last year, there were about 5 000 military police from China that came to Hong Kong. They were dressed in Hong Kong police uniforms. But their dialect and their behavior are very different from Hong Kong because the Hong Kong police basically are very, very well trained under the British system, very, very civil. And they never act violently. Even when they arrest you, they are forceful but polite. But then, of course, in China, all those policemen are used to bullying people with whatever they want. I mean, they are the law. There is no law in China. So, they came in, and many girls were raped. Unfortunately, the raped ones, some were murdered. After they rape a girl, they murder her and dump her in the sea, you know, Hong Kong is an island. And many missing and some were even thrown from buildings as suicide.

So, those who survived, not many, but we can only interview a few. One of the girls was willing to expose her face, but the others were hiding. It was tragic.  Before I left Hong Kong 3 weeks ago, I was able to persuade this girl, Sonia, the one who showed herself in the video, to find the other girls and these girls were sexually attacked. Of course, it’s the real people; it’s the real narrative, the real story, and they did not exaggerate in any form. Some of the people may exaggerate because they hate the police, but we told them please, just tell the truth, the world will believe—especially women. So, we made this video to let the world understand what the CCP really are.

China, of course, has some money. They made a lot of money exporting goods. They bought all the major media newspapers. Let’s say in the United States: CNN, CNBC, Washington Post, New Yourk Times, Bloomberg, you name it. They would never speak badly of the communist Chinese because they are all paid. China made a huge amount of money. In total, China made 20 trillion dollars in US dollars. Then, they spend half of it opn buying oil and raw material and everything. The other half, the big families, the mafia families in China, they were able to steal that money and invest overseas. That’s why in the major cities, all the nicest buildings are all owned by the Chinese, by mainland China. But then, some of the money, they’ve been spending huge amounts of money to bribe everybody: government officials. In your country, it’s the same. Whoever can make decisions… They want to do your 5G, and 5G means basically your whole country will be under their surveillance. If you use their 5G network because your mobile phone has to go through the base station. If they control the base station, everything that you do, they know you better than you know yourself. This is why America is advising everybody not to use the 5G (providers and suppliers from China).

But anyway, those are the facts now and I think we have a huge problem—the Vatican. You know, I remember the Polish pope was very nice, it was John Paul II. And now this pope! This pope is a communist. The whole Vatican server, the internal communication, is installed by Huawei. They control the Vatican. They spend 2 billion dollars a year to bribe the Vatican people. You guys are very good Catholics. But basically, the CCP controls God’s mouth through the Vatican. That’s how bad it is. That’s the secret agreement between the Vatican and the CCP. So that China can make a list of candidates for bishops or cardinals and the pope only has the right to pick from that list. Do you know how serious that is? This kind of agreement, why secret? Because pope Francis knew they cannot expose otherwise, the Catholics will be very angry with him. And also, since they control the Vatican server, the CCP, through Huawei controls the Vatican server, they know all the communications between priests. That’s why they have all those dirty pictures. As you know, we all know the problem. Maybe it’s too sensitive.

EC: No, no, we talk about this matter because evangelical Christians run our TV. We are not Catholics.

EY: I’m not against Catholics. I am not against Catholics. But it’s the communist influence on the Vatican. They infiltrated the Vatican. Do you understand what I mean? Have you heard in history about a pope that had to resign? Never in history! You know what I mean.

EC: Why is the Vatican cooperating with Communist China? Why is Pope Francis cooperating with them?

EY: Money, money, money. The Vatican has so many old guards. Those people are all paid off by 2 billion dollars a year, they bribe, US dollars. They bribe the Vatican people. It’s an open secret. You can look at the Bannon stuff. There’s plenty of evidence. And everybody knew. And now, Pope Francis is going to visit Beijing soon, and he never spoke one word sympathizing with Hong Kong. Never! Not one word. Then you know. It’s very easy. Whoever sympathizes with Hong Kong, you can check, are not communists. Whoever doesn’t speak a word about Hong Kong or this national security law, are all being paid by the CCP. That’s why you look at CNN, BBC and Bloomberg, New York Times, Washington Post, not a word. No sympathy at all. Not like you.

EC: Thank you for those words because our television has reported on that, on the bad situation in the Vatican and about pope Francis who’s cooperating with communist China. We have our correspondent in Taiwan Hanna Shen, and she also translated this information about, for example this 2 billion dollars (bribery money to the Vatican), to Polish viewers. So thank you for those words. Let’s move to Washington because you’ve been there. And you probably met many politicians there. What is the attitude of US political establishments towards Communist China?

EY: I have been dealing mainly with the congress because my mission is to ask the congress to use new laws or old laws to name the CCP as a criminal organization and its 90 million members as criminals. You come from communism. You know how bad those people are, how they torture people, year after year. And so, I met many congress members. Every one of them is very, very angry because their voters are angry. Last Thursday, I met two New Jersey congress members. They said that 13 thousand of their people from New Jersey have died from the virus. 13 000. Including their families, at least 50 thousand people are affected, and they are angry as hell. They want revenge. They want accountability. There is a lawyer standing behind every dead person that wants accountability and compensation. Every congress member in the United States was very anti-CCP. That’s why the law passed on Friday through both congresses and the senate, totally unanimous, not a single vote against. This is the spirit. They’re looking at more than 20 or 30 bills going through the congress waiting to pass against the CCP or China because they are after them.

The one I proposed had a lot of reception, very good reception because I want to destroy the Chinese Communist Party once and for all. Make it an illegal organization.  All their members would be sanctioned, and they cannot travel because the US has the support of the European Union, British, Japan and South Korea and the rest of the free world. Those people who would be sanctioned could only travel to maybe some African countries, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, and so on. I can put it simply: the American population, over 90% want revenge. As you know, the election is in November. Both the presidential election and the congressional election, their main subject is how do you force China to be accountable. And the White House, as you know, has a problem. There are folks who want to decouple with China because they know that if you continue to do business, they can come with another round of something. But there are also people in the White House, and in the family, you know what I mean, they’re very pro-China. They say Oh, China is such a big market. Our economy needs China to recover. That’s the kind of excuse. And they have no idea. If China can attack once with a virus, they can attack again.

Then they start saying there’s no evidence, there’s no evidence that the Chinese spread the virus. In fact, the Chinese told their own people that the virus came from the United States. And I told the Americans, this is what I told the Americans when somebody reports a crime, or if somebody has died, and if someone refused to let you go to the crime scene and destroyed all the evidence, that’s basically breaking the law. They should be arrested. Any common murder even one person, if they destroy the evidence and refuse to let the police in to inspect the crime scene, they would be arrested! They would already be guilty!

Then the Americans say I want to see a smoking gun. They would never see a smoking gun. These people are totally irresponsible for protecting their own people. 130 000 people have died, and this is not evidence? And they have the WHO just announce that the CCP has failed to inform the WHO on time about the virus in China. They delayed all together for 2 months. They knew about it back in November, and they didn’t inform the world until January. Millions of people left Wuhan, and hundreds of thousands of people went all over the world to spread the virus. I don’t care if it was intentional or not, but the hiding of the evidence, the destruction of the evidence, the delay in closing down the city, the delay in reporting to the WHO and giving the wrong sequence to the Americans about the virus. This is murder, maybe not the first degree, but this is murder. And they are still looking for evidence because they would hate to start a war against China. They know that people are so worried. Nobody wants war, neither do I. But after 130 000 people died, you don’t declare war? You’re afraid to decouple with China? That’s too much. I say this in front of every American official, every congressman, because I don’t lie. I only tell the truth. And I don’t need their help. My business doesn’t depend on any American or Chinese.

EC: That is why our TV together with our Taiwanese correspondent Hanna Shen created a petition on the White House website for making Communist China accountable for spreading the virus all over the world and we gained the 100 000 signatures needed and now we’re waiting for an official response from the White House and President Trump. And thank you for these words, because what you’re saying is very, very important for the US, for Hong Kong and for the free world, in your opinion. Sir, do you think that Donald Trump’s administration really challenged communist China?

EY: He wanted to, but as you know, there are many, many influences inside the White House. Wall Street has tremendous influence. Hollywood. Corporatists. Media. There’s tremendous influence. And this pandemic has basically destroyed Donald Trump’s legacy. The economy was doing very well just before the pandemic. It was never so good. And then his legacy got destroyed by this virus. And this is China. Intentionally or not intentionally, China basically won the first round against the United States. Intentionally or not – that is not the issue. The reality, the result is what counts. Now the second round, you see all that trouble with the riots, the looting, they have in the US. They have the evidence. It’s China standing behind it. The third round will be the election. If Donald Trump loses the elections, if the Republicans lose the election, the US will lose the third round. The rest of the world can only stand aside and watch. That’s the tragedy we’re facing. Lots of people still want to go back to China and sell to that market. Those are dreamers.

And the other thing – I heard your country also has certain politicians that want to do business with China. Let me tell you; China now is not the same as China from five years ago. They had a lot of money. All of that money is now stolen by rich families. Money means US dollars. RMB, nobody wants. It’s the US dollar. They were stolen. Remember, I was talking about 10 trillion. Most of it has been stolen by the rich family and invested outside, either in funds or in beautiful apartments and houses. China has no more money. What they claim to have are already secured for other purposes. They say that they have less than 200 billion in cash flow that they can use. The other money they have is already secured as obligations for other activities, different banks and so on and so forth. So, forget doing business with China. Forget about them financing you. They have run out of US dollars. Unless you are willing to accept RMB, then it’s okay. But if you want any help that comes in US dollars, they don’t have. It’s dried up.

And let me tell you, the real reason for passing this Hong Kong national security law – they want the Hong Kong US dollar reserve. We have 400 billion US dollars as the Hong Kong reserve. And they want to have control over that money. They have run out of money. They want to steal from our reserve. That is the real motive behind the national security law. You are fortunate. You will be the first media to report this, and you watch my word. You can see that. They will steal all the money from Hong Kong. They want Hong Kong people to leave, so all the countries are taking Hong Kong people. And they want to put in their own 7 million people. They want to run Hong Kong. But that’s not the reason. The most important reason is money. Always follow the money.

EC: These are very important words. Let’s go back to what you said about Polish people and Poland. You have lived and done business in China, and as we talked, in Poland, we’re often told by politicians or journalists that China is a capitalist country and that there is no communism there. What is your take on that?

EY: Let me educate your viewers. The CCP is the best in deception. They are the masters of deception. Countries like yours or America, even a hundred years later, would not understand how deceptive they are. Let me give you an example, which is very important. China is not a nation. It’s only a façade. The nation is a façade. The constitution is a façade; nobody respects it. There is no election. Behind every government official, there’s a party secretary, like in the old days of communism, you probably had the same in Poland. And behind every business, there’s a party secretary at the very top. The whole country is controlled by the Party.

And who controls the Party? Several very, very powerful families. Like the past president Jiang Zemin. There are about 30 – 40 families, 50 families. These families are – did you watch the Godfather, about the New York crime families? There were five families – well, China has about 50 families. The families control the Party and the Party controls the whole country. They have 90 million gangsters, like in those movies in Chicago, the Al Capone movies. Those are gangsters with guns. Those are the Communist Party members. They may not be holding guns, but they follow the orders. And under them, 1.4 billion basically slaves.

Remember your country, under the communist system? People were slaves, no different. You can ask your parents. Everybody in Eastern Europe under USSR control was basically slaves. But the party members, they were the gangsters. So, there is no country. There is no government. There is no nation. It is a huge land of a crime family, mafias. This is what it’s all about. They talk about nations, no. The embassy, for example, in Warsaw, do you think it’s controlled by the ministry of foreign affairs? No. Party. They have a Party secretary who is higher than the ambassador. Lucky that you guys have experienced communism, so you know what I really mean.

And Americans, even today, still don’t understand. They think they are dealing with a country, which is just a façade. And this is the problem. It was okay in the old days because there was an iron wall, an iron curtain. The two systems were separated, so America could not be hurt. But then, in the last 20-30 years, China and the US merged into one economy almost, global economy. They cannot protect themselves anymore. That’s how serious this is.

And again, they are merging into your Polish economy. They’ll say we’ll do this for you; we’ll do that for youwe will build a high-speed railway, basically, they integrate and then you will owe them money. And finally, they’ll control you. They don’t need to control the whole country; once they have your communication, they’ll control a few key persons. And those key persons will change your policy towards China, and you will be slaves to them instead of the USSR. You’ll be slaves to the People’s Republic of China, without knowing. And the Russians are not very skillful in controlling their people, but the Communist Chinese are very, very skillful. You don’t even know how they control Pakistan, how they control the people they fund, the African countries. They are far more skillful and deceptive than the Russians.

EC: This is why we are also promoting General Robert Spalding’s book, a former Trump advisor, Stealth War. We do recommend it to our viewers. When you say that the US should cut-off the US dollars in and out of Hong Kong, some experts say it will only hurt the average Hongkongers. How do you reply to that? 

EY: The freedom-lovers in Hong Kong are willing to pay the price for freedom, the rule of law and democracy. We had freedom; we had the rule of law under the British. We didn’t have democracy, because Beijing told England don’t give Hong Kong democracy, we are against it. When the British let go of their colonies, every colony had free elections, Singapore, every country that left the British empire. The colonies had free elections. But the communists warned against it, and then the British gave in to the communists. Suddenly, we realized they handed it over to Communist China. In the first few years, it was okay, and then they started reenacting their own law and their own promise. Now we understand that if we don’t pay the price, we will never get our freedom, the rule of law and democracy. So, we are willing to pay. If we fight, if the US cuts off the US dollar transactions, the stock market maybe will become half, the Hong Kong dollar maybe will become half of its value. This is the price to pay. Somebody has to pay for it. Freedom is not free. So, that’s why I say that we’re ready. We’re ready.

EC: We were talking about the American elections, the upcoming elections. What will happen, in your opinion, to Hong Kong or Taiwan, if Joe Biden wins the upcoming election in the US?

EY: I will say a few words about that one. If the free world loses Hong Kong, Taiwan will be next. I’m warning the Taiwan people and President Tsai, that you should immediately within this year have a diplomatic relationship with America, and you should be recognized as an independent country, immediately, not wait until the elections. You must purchase nuclear weapons from the United States because not every president is like Donald Trump to protect Taiwan. So, you need to defend yourself against the CCP from the mainland. This is my warning to them. I had many interviews from Taiwan media, and I warned them. I’m not a warmonger, but you need to protect yourself. The reason we are being bullied now in Hong Kong is because we have no arms, we are helpless.

EC: And what do you think about Joe Biden? If he wins the elections, what do you think will happen with Taiwan and Hong Kong?

EY: Biden is bad news. Health-wise, I don’t even think he’s healthy first of all. So, I don’t understand why the democrats put him up as a candidate. It’s the biggest joke. Secondly, while he was Vice-President under Obama, he was in charge of the relationship with China. He was directly in charge. And he let go. He let the Chinese build military installations in the South-China sea; he let the PRC basically get away with murder. His family – brother and son – have been making huge amounts of money from China and of course you know better also from Ukraine. And so, it’s a very corrupted family. Verbally, he’s saying oh I’m anti-communist too. That’s what he says, but we can say anything. So, it would be hopeless. If he gets elected, it will be hopeless for Hong Kong, hopeless for Taiwan and hopeless for the free world, because that would mean that the PRC would have won against the free world and that it’s over, game over.

EC: We were talking about the US, and what about the rest of the free world? How can this world help Hongkongers? What should, for example, the European Union do?

EY: Forget about them, forget about them. I think that NATO is good. NATO understands safety. You guys all suffered under communism. NATO understands they have to be together. I think Taiwan should join NATO, Japan, South Korea, should all join NATO. We must defend ourselves. Even with a different president, at least the military should join together and hopefully; we’ll elect some better leaders, not someone like Angela Merkel, what a disappointment.

EC: What do you think the average Pole could do to support Hong Kong? What should our viewers do to support you now?

EY: I appreciate your spiritual support, and we may go to the world court. The people of Hong Kong may go to world court because since the Chinese broke the Joint Declaration, the sovereignty of Hong Kong should be reverted back to the British. And the British should give it back to the people of Hong Kong before 1997, and that way we will go to the world court. We will fight for our rights. When the communists crumble, when the communist regime crumbles, we will have some kind of self-determination, a referendum on what to do for ourselves. We can join this or join that, but that’s up to the people of Hong Kong. So, we would like your Polish government and your people to support our action in the world court and in the court of public opinion, that’s very important what you’re doing.

EC: We are praying for you, personally and for Hong Kong, especially for Hong Kong kids and students who are fighting for freedom. Thank you so much for being with us. 

EY: Thank you. I am a Christian too. I’m an Anglican from the church in England, so I believe in God too, thank you. And one more thing, the biggest weakness of the CCP is because they are atheists. That is our biggest weapon: God.

EC: We say almost every day, in our TV with our Against the Tide editor-in-chief Pastor Paweł Chojecki, who says that this is the worst thing that the CCP are atheists and that they fight with God. 

EY: That is their biggest weakness. That is their biggest weakness. Thank you for this interview.

EC: Thank you so much. God bless you, and we will be strong in God and thank you so much for your letter to President Trump that you recorded with Jimmy Lai. We interviewed Jimmy Lai also, and we translated your letter in Polish as the only Polish television. Thank you so much. It was Elmer Yuan, a Hong Kong entrepreneur who supports Hong Kong’s pro-democratic protests. It was Against the Tide TV, Eunika Chojecka. See you soon.

EY: Goodbye, Polish friends.

Cooperation: Hanna Shen, Eunika Chojecka, Ivan Belostenko, Kasia Wierbol