Poles constitute the largest group among those awarded with the Righteous among the Nations medal despite the fact that Poland was the only WWII country in which helping Jews was punished with a death penalty.

A reportage about a Polish family awarded by the Israeli Yad Vashem Institute with the Righteous Among the Nations medal for saving Jews during WWII. The main character of the movie is Marianna Jarosz-Krasnodębska, a brave woman from Piaski near Lublin, Poland. Before the war the town of Piaski used to be a place of peaceful coexistence of Poles and Jews. After the war broke out, Germans gave the Jews in Piaski hell on earth. In those terrible times Poles would risk their lives to save their Jewish neighbours. It’s an extraordinary story as it’s told by an eyewitness. Mrs Marianna Jarosz-Krasnodębska and her family helped Jews throughout the war and their home was often a refuge for Jews hiding from Germans.

”What Righteous Among the Nations did has been immortalized in the annals of both Jewish and world’s history” Israeli President Reuwen Riwlin at a meeting with the Polish Righteous ones in Jerusalem in 2019.