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Biden is Socialism, I’m voting for Trump! – Paul Crouch J. producer ‘Trump 2024’

– President Trump is a businessman. And I think that he has shaken our political system up quite a bit because he’s not your typical politician. He’s not your typical president. But I honor what he stands for and I honor what he has done. – Paul Crouch J. the producer of Trump 2024 https://trump2024.film/ and a son of TBN founder, talks about his latest documentary and what will happen at the end of President Trump’s second term in office.

Crouch is judging the President by the fruits and actions rather than his personality and encourages others to do the same. “You vote for the policies. Trump has a very, tough personality. He doesn’t come off as the slick, smooth talking politician like some of our presidents in the past. I don’t vote for a personality. I didn’t vote for Donald Trump to be the pastor of my church or a religious leader. I voted for him to be the President based on what he stands for, based on what he wants to do for our economy, based on his stand on Israel, based on abortion and defending the right to life for children in the womb.”

“I vote for policy. I don’t vote for personality because he rubs a lot of people the wrong way. Like I said, he’s not a politician. He came out of the business world and for our economy right now as we come out of Covid19 and some of the economic challenges that we’re having here in the United States, I really don’t think there’s a better person right now to be our president than Donald Trump.

Joe Biden is heading us into what we understand to be socialism. […] What is socialism? What is a socialistic slide? Listen, everybody wants free everything everybody wants free food. They want free health care. They want free education. But if you head down that road, what does it lead to? And we explore that in our film, Trump 2024.

 Look at Venezuela it was one of the most prosperous nations in the world until they went and flipped to socialism. And now people are starving. Their economy is in ruins. So socialism is not the answer.

I have always believed that the capitalistic setup that built America, that built this country is what we need to continue and to stay with. Listen, everybody knows that America needs to be improved. Every country needs their political system improved. I don’t think America needs to be changed. I don’t think we need to move towards socialism. And a vote for Biden heads us in that direction.

And again, voting for Trump keeps us on the path that I think is what made America great. So as a Christian, though, and as a man of faith, Trump also defends the unborn. He is standing for abortion and making abortion harder to get and defending the rights of the unborn. That’s a very important issue for Christians. The other that’s key for Christians is Israel, our stand with Israel and protecting that little nation in the Middle East. And he wants to do that. And I honor for him for that also.” says Paul Crouch Jr.

cooperation: Maciej Stadnicki, Eunika Chojecka

Biden is not fit for President – Polish Americans Coalition for Trump

– We are not expecting people to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the history of Poland, but we do expect a candidate for president of the United States to have a simple, correct knowledge of the kind of government Poland has. – says Eva Neterowicz, National Board Member of Polish Americans Coalition for Trump

(4 min read)

“Both the Polish and the Hungarian community are going to be very surprised to be mentioned in the same sentence as Belarus and totalitarian regimes. (Mentioning) Poland and Hungary, that are both NATO and EU states alongside Belarus, which is a country allied to Russia, is reminiscent of Gerald Ford’s enormous mistake during a presidential debate with Jimmy Carter in 1976. I think every Polish American will remember that US President Ford asserted that the countries of Central Europe were not under Soviet Soviet domination and were independent states”.

We are not expecting people to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the history of Poland, but we do expect a candidate for president of the United States to have a simple, correct knowledge of the kind of government Poland has.

And now we have another possible president who thinks that Poland is a totalitarian regime. The statement about Belarus, is a very shocking one because it shows basic ignorance. How can we expect a Joe Biden presidency to be favorable to Poland and Polish Americans if he doesn’t even know what kind of government Poland has?”

Joe Biden was basically saying that he was told to walk away from events at a Polish club because Polish Americans are not among the “really smart people”. […] This is absurd! Polish Americans have made so many contributions to the progress of the world. And I, for one, am very tired of Poles being portrayed as stupid. It is a completely ignorant remark by Joe Biden.

With regards to the last presidential debate Ms. Neterowicz have highlighted the fact that “Joe Biden wants to eliminate the oil industry” […] “he wants to break down buildings, put in tiny, tiny windows, destroy that economy in favor of the Green New Deal. Our workers that are working in the oil and gas industry should take notice that that is what he plans to do”. 

Neterowicz also addressed the recent revelations with regards to Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s laptop, forgotten at the repair shop. “Hunter Biden by himself was never a very successful person. But when Joe Biden became vice president, he and Joe Biden’s brothers made millions of dollars in Ukraine and China.” The data found on the laptop, indicates that “Joe Biden was involved” […] “this also shows very, very poor judgment because the vice president of the United States should not be put in any position of conflict of interest”.

There are double standards in US politics says Neterowicz “if it was any of President Trump’s children, you know, they’d be already prosecuted, they’d be in deep trouble. But in this case, I don’t think anything is going to happen between now and the election”. Biden Harris campaign did not respond to our requests for a comment, whether the laptop indeed belonged to Hunter Biden and the compromising material is true. Neither did they issue any public statements denying the truthfulness of such reports. 

These are “the most important election in U.S. history. President Trump has accomplished more in 47 months than Joe Biden has in 47 years”. With Biden as president US can expect more “extreme liberal left policies, unlimited benefits for illegal immigrants, tearing down borders, elimination of gas powered cars and airplanes” which will not be cheap and will “cost us not billions, but trillions of dollars” she added.

Neterowicz thinks Biden will bring more “burning and destruction of our businesses and our homes by so-called peaceful protesters” and that he favors them “over law abiding citizens and law enforcement”. This is evident by the fact that “Joe Biden doesn’t have a single endorsement of any law enforcement organization in the United States”.

Another thing we should worry about is the possible bate and switch in Biden’s campaign with Kamala Harris, who is “lurking and waiting to take over and bring in socialism”. Neterowicz is concerned that “if he gets sick, has a stroke or a heart attack, we have a draconian left wing radical prosecutor that’s going to be taking over the American presidency”. Kamala Harris “advocated for the elimination of private health plans. She threatened to put parents in jail if their children are truant and encouraged people to donate to what is called the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which bailed rapists, assaulters and murderers out of jail”.

cooperation: Hania Shen, Eunika Chojecka

Car of a Christan from Against the Tide TV was burned down: “Police didn’t even come to collect evidence. I’m very dissatisfied with the prosecutor’s office.”

– My car burned down in front of the house. An expert in Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation said that in 35 years of experience he had not heard of such a case! (…) “I feel disappointed with the prosecutor’s office. Police did not even take any photos – they ignored me. I am discriminated against because I am a Christian” – Grzegorz Dolecki, a Protestant from the New Covenant Church in Lublin and a viewer of IPP TV said in the IPP TV report. Dolecki appeals to the Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro: – “I expect the Polish state to defend me. Being Christians does not exclude us from being citizens, and we are entitled to the same rights as everyone else.”

Grzegorz Dolecki from Janów Lubelski has been a victim of persecution for a long time because of his faith – he is an evangelical Christian. He has suffered tremendous harassment since he spoke publicly about his faith. There were false denunciations about him and slanderous leaflets. Life-threatening acts also occurred. In Dolecki’s car, someone unscrewed the bolts in one of the wheels. The wheel fell off while driving. Thank God, no one got hurt.

“It seemed to me that this was just an unfortunate accident, but when the mechanic looked at the car in the workshop, it turned out that someone cut the bolts to the same length. An expert of the Polish Motor Association stated that it is unlikely that the screws would cut at the same length on their own, said Dolecki in the TV report Go Pod Prąd.

Soon after, someone burnt down another car of Grzegorz. Grzegorz Dolecki told our television about the issue.

– In unexplained circumstances, my car, which I used for work, burned down in front of my house. It was a delivery truck. I drove it all day. Around 6 pm, I parked it in front of the house. The neighbor across the street noticed a fire. He started honking at us to leave the house and called the fire department. When we ran out of the house, the car was burning so intensely that there was no chance of extinguishing it by ourselves. The car was just 10 meters from the house. I managed to park other cars in a safe place, and all we could do was watch the other car burn, Grzegorz Dolecki described. At that time, there were seven children in the house.

The next day after the incident, Grzegorz Dolecki testified to the police that he suspected that the burning of his car was related to other events. One of them was the organization of the screening of the Christian film Genesis. Another was the above-mentioned cutting off the bolts in the wheel of his another car.

– Having seen the report from the screening of Genesis, which I found on the Internet, and the leaflets distributed during the screening, I had assumptions about potential suspects. I shared my suspicions with the police officers. At first, they ignored my testimony – technicians did not come the day after someone burned my car. I personally spoke with an expert from the Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation expert who was towing my car after the wheel detached. He stated that during his 35 years of professional work, he had not heard of a case where a parked, locked car could ignite by itself, Dolecki told IPP TV.

After a month, the police announced a refusal to initiate proceedings stating that no crime had been committed.

The documents I got at the Prosecutor’s Office clearly show that the Office received a letter from the police to initiate proceedings for the destruction of property. However, the prosecutor did not do it, Dolecki said.

The burning of my car in early March was not the last one. Then began the attacks with denunciations against my family and me to the County Center for Family Assistance with which I am associated. It is the body that controls my wife and me as the owners of a family orphanage, Dolecki continued.

Grzegorz Dolecki also appealed to Zbigniew Ziobro, the minister of justice, prosecutor general: 

“I expect the state where I live to defend me. (…) I am discriminated against because I am a Christian. Being Christians does not exclude us from being citizens, and we are entitled to the same rights as everyone else.”

Had this affected any lay Catholic or, for example, a priest, all agencies would do their job meticulously. Everyone would investigate the case around the clock. But in this case I am a nobody for them, Dolecki said in an interview for IPP TV.

Dolecki’s case was included in the Report on the Persecution of Evangelical Christians, issued in August 2020 by the New Covenant Church and the Against the Tide TV.

One month after the publication of the Report, more than six months after the incident, the Public Prosecutor’s Office initiated investigations into the case. The prosecutor questioned Mr. Dolecki as an aggrieved party.

Reportage describing the case of Grzegorz Dolecki was broadcasted on the Against the Tide TV on September 30 this year.

Pastor Paweł Chojecki, editor-in-chief of Against the Tide TV, commented on the case in the program Against the Tide LIVE. He pointed out that there have been many similar cases in Poland that are not responded to by law enforcement agencies. 

“When Christians screened the movie Genesis, leaflets were scattered saying, Cult-free zone. Stop the Chojecki Cult with the logo of the church and TV crossed out. When members of the LGBT community were the victims of similar attacks, it was a global scandal. And when Christians became victims of such an attack, inspired by Sakiewicz’s stickers, there was no reaction from the Prosecutor’s Office. In Poland, we witness several cases of persecution of doctors, police officers, students, etc. who have publicly admitted to being Christians and members of the New Covenant Church in Lublin. They were immediately subjected to media campaigns and constant harassment,” pastor Chojecki commented.

Attack on the car of Pastor Paweł Chojecki, The New Covenant Church in Lublin, Poland. Broken glass and door handle.
Attacked car of Pastor Radosław Kopeć, The New Covenant Church of Lublin, Poland. “F**k cults” engraved with a sharp object on the car’s engine hood.

These cases were described in the report DISCRIMINATION AND PERSECUTION OF EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS IN POLAND, based on the examples of the New Covenant Church in Lublin and Against the Tide TV. The document presents specific examples of persecution and discrimination of Protestant Christians, committed by the Polish government, it’s various agencies, and the judiciary. The report was sent to the Polish authorities as well as – in English – to the US Department of State.

It did not take long for a reply from the State Department to come forward. The case was referred to the Office of the Department of State for Europe and Eurasia. So far, we have not received an answer from the Polish authorities and law enforcement agencies.

ENG The discrimination against and persecution of Evangelical Christians KNP IPP

Cooperation: Hanna Jazgarska, Cezary Kłosowicz, Weronika Lewandowska

JOIN US! Please pray for President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump

Today on October the 2nd, President Donald Trump has announced that he and FLOTUS Melania Trump have been diagnosed with the Chinese coronavirus. The President most likely got the virus from his close aides Hope Hicks who first experienced symptoms on Wednesday, during a presidential campaign rally in Duluth, Minnesota.

Pastor Paweł Chojecki of the New Covenant Church and Editor in Chief of Against the Tide TV, has addressed this issue with the following statement. “We can see that when the enemies of the free world are attacking, they go for symbols and centers of command. It started with New York in the spring. There was the highest number of victims of the Chinese virus and now the President of the USA has been attacked. We are at war! I hope this will clear any doubts, and people will see we were right warning half a year ago about this communist attack. It is a global attack on the free world. President Trump has talked about this in his recent speech in the UN.

In light of these event’s Pastor Chojecki has decided to launch a campaign to help support President Trump and the FLOTUS Melania Trump. “This campaign was practically started by US Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher on Twitter. We are joining her and want to ask our viewers to join us as well using #PrayForTrumps. – said Pastor Paweł Chojecki during today’s live show on Against the Tide TV.

Please send us your photo with this hashtag and pray for the President and his first lady for a complete speedy recovery, so he can get back to holding the CCP responsible for the death and suffering that they have unleashed upon the world.



Jews for Jesus European Ambassador – Real reason why Jews don’t want to hear about Jesus

You could lose your family, career, respect and friendship of everyone who knows you. That’s the real problem. It’s just too dangerous to look at Jesus with an open mind – Avi Snyder, European Ambassador of Jews for Jesus talks about Messianic Jews, the history of the gospel in Europe and what God is doing among his chosen people.

„There are many reasons why it’s difficult for Jews to give the gospel an open minded consideration […] but probably the primary cause and obstacle, is the fear of rejection. There is a cost with coming to Jesus. Don’t get me wrong you can’t earn salvation. We don’t pay for it and don’t deserve it. But when you come to Yeshua, whether or not we are aware at first, there is a price to pay.

Years ago I was speaking to a young Rabi and he gave me all the theological reasons why Jesus can not be the promised Messiah of us Jews. I looked at him and said, Rabi we both know that those are not the real reasons for not considering Yeshua as the Messiah. He said yes they are, I said no they are not. I said we are from the same culture and generation. I know your real reasons.


The real reason Jews don’t consider Jesus as the Messiah is the fear of rejection. They risk loosing their family, career, respect and social status.


I said let me ask you a question and you don’t even have to answer. He cautiously nodded and said ok. I said Rabi, if you examine the scripture and come to a conclusion on your own that Yeshua is the promised Messiah, according to Moses and the prophets and openly believe that. What would you lose?

You would lose your wife, your children and your vocation, your respect and friendship of everyone who knows you. The only people who would be ready to stand with you, are „crazy” Jews for Jesus people like me. I said that’s the problem isn’t it? It’s just too dangerous to look at the issue with an open mind, isn’t it? And he said nothing. He was a man of integrity. He wasn’t able to admit that I was correct. But he wasn’t going to lie and deny it’s true.

Is it a treason and a sin for a Jew to believe Jesus is the Messiah? Avi disagrees. „If Jesus is the promised Messiah according to Moses and the prophets, then who is committing the real sin, the real act of cultural treason?

The Jewish person who recognizes the Messiah. Who is even commanded to wait for him, to believe according to the law? Or is it the Jewish person who refuses to acknowledge Yeshua as the promised Messiah according to Moses and the prophets, despite all the evidence? Who is the one who is really committing the cultural treason?

If Jesus is not the Messiah, then I would say that we Jews have nothing to do with him. And neither should the Gentiles. Because if he is not the Messiah, then he was a man who made outlandish claims which are blasphemous.

If he is the Messiah then whether you are Jewish or non Jewish, the response should be Repentance, Believe that he died for our sins and rose from the dead and a halfhearted commitment to follow, love and serve him.

How many Messianic Jews are out there today? Avi says that it’s hard to know for sure because it’s hard to define who is Jewish and who is a real Christian. He and his team conservatively estimate, that there are about 200 thousand Jews around the world who sincerely believe that Jesus is the Messiah. The exciting thing is that many new ones are coming to Christ daily.

“Prior to the second world war there was a great outpouring among many Jewish people with Central and Eastern Europe. Some estimate that there may have been between 16 and 200 thousand Jewish people who believed in Jesus on the eve of the second world war. There was a Messianic community of Jewish believers in Warsaw in the ghetto that was obliterated. I had the privilege of knowing a Jewish believer (he is with the LORD now) named Brahman Freedman, who was a part of that community.

When the soviet Union collapsed, we saw a wonderful wave of many thousands of Jewish people coming to faith in Russia, Ukraine in Belarus and other former soviet republics farther East.

Today in Israel we estimate that there is as much as 20 thousand sincere Jewish believers in Jesus. What’s very interesting is that God seems to have done a work among Russian speaking Jewish people regardless of their geography. Vast number of former soviet union Jewish people, who have come and settled in Israel. I’m not saying it’s only among those people but it does seem to be a remarkable trend.

In Hungary we see an unprecedented very large number of interest among the holocaust survivors. God in his grace has kept these man and women alive. They have survived the holocaust and you would think in light of what they have suffered, they would not be inclined to hear about God.

Some of those atrocities were even committed in the name of Christ, you would think that these survivors wouldn’t want to hear about the true Jesus at all. And yet we see a large number of holocaust survivors open to consider the claims of Yeshua and give their lives to him. It’s very exciting.” – says Avi.

If I’m not mistaken the largest number of Righteous Among the Nations awards by country was given to Polish nationals.

Why is Poland an important place for your ministry. “There are many countries in Europe where the history and fate of the Jewish people is so dark and so tragic. You would think that in (the perspective of) the flesh we have no reason to come back to these countries because the pain is so deep. But with the gospel, we have every reason to come back to these countries. These countries need to see Jewish people who not only openly believe in Jesus but who are also openly proclaiming the gospel.


I long to see the day when there are Jews for Jesus like me and Polish brothers and sisters in the LORD, standing shoulder to shoulder proclaiming the gospel without fear or shame. What a testimony this would be about the love and reconciling power of the cross.


You see when we Jews show up on the streets of cities like Warsaw, Budapest or Moscow openly identifying as Jews, openly sharing our love and faith in Jesus, no one turns a blind eye or a deaf ear. I’m not saying everybody likes us but the point is you can’t ignore that kind of a testimony.

What a privilege to be used by God to bring the gospel to our own people and to non Jewish people as well.

Full interview:

Dr. Fulda: Stalinist Xi from Leninist CCP of China – a single party Maoist state

“It’s not possible nor is it advisable to make a distinction between economic, political and military relationships with the CCP.” – Dr. Andreas Fulda, Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences – School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham and author of The Struggle for democracy in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. In an interview with – Poland’s Against the Tide TV, Head of Research Cezary Kłosowicz, Dr. Fulda talks about Europe’s approach to the CCP, Czech’s visit in Taiwan, Nordstream 2 and the coming US elections [3 min read].

  • China is ruled by Stalinist Xi Jingping, from a Leninist CCP, using Maoist tactics
  • Heiko Maas is the weakest and least competent Foreign Minister in German’s history
  • 2020 is the year of reckoning for free world-China relationships
  • Czech’s visit to Taiwan should lead other members of EU to follow their footsteps
  • Biden is surrounded by naive and unconditionally pro China people

We’ve seen in the past four decades that politicians, business leaders, journalists and academics have effectively normalized the Chinese Communist Party. Suggesting that it’s somehow just another political organization. A Political party like anywhere else in the world. But what they conveniently overlook is that this (China) is of course a one party state.

In 2020 we have a Stalinist Xi Jingping, a General Secretary who is presiding over Leninist party state using Maoist tactics.


This Stalinist Leninnst Maoist regime is a rather toxic mix and it should set off alarm bells around the world. But if you have individuals who only think of the bottom line and want to cozy up to the CCP for trade deals or selling goods and services, they will not talk straight and address the challenge that we have on our hands. This “economics only” approach is not possible in the case of hard authoritarian country like China.

“Increasingly European Politicians, diplomats, journalists and academics all realize the CCP has metabolized in an unhealthy way. So the lure of Chinese markets and quick profits people were banking on, haven’t really materialized.”

When China entered the WTO there was this hope that Western companies would be able to access huge markets and that their system will become more rule bound. But now in 2020 the day of reckoning has come.


“In case of Germany it’s often said that China is our biggest market. That is true if you look at it from a country to country basis. But these people often omit the fact that the European market is the most important market. More than 70% of German exports go to Europe, 8% to the USA and only 7% go to China.”

“I think very critically of Heiko Maas, especially when it comes to Hong Kong. Last year he met with democracy activist Joshua Wong and then just last year he threw him under the proverbial bus by calling him a separatist, which was a totally untrue and unfounded accusation. […] This is no secret in Berlin he is probably the weakest and least capable foreign ministers that Germany ever had. When he changes the rhetoric (on CCP and Hong Kong) that’s always welcome but without specific actions all talk is cheap.”

Full interview:

Cooperation: Hanna Shen, Cezary Kłosowicz, Ivan Belostenko

Chen Guangcheng – Why I support Donald Trump

“I told the CCP if you are trying to silence me I will not accept the money. And I will not be silenced. […] If you want freedom you must stand up and fight for it. If a blind person was able to stand up to the CCP. Other people are even more capable of fighting back.” – Chen Guangchen, a blind self-taught barefoot lawyer from China and one of CCP’s biggest nightmares, in his first interview with Polish television talks about his support for President Trump, his friendship with Hollywood actor Christian Bale and his fight against abortions and human rights in China.

In 2012 Obama administration removed Chen Guangcheng from the embassy to not anger China (the CCP)? We’ve asked him how he felt about the incident.

“I felt extremely disappointed and very very sad. I felt that the US has given up on it’s fundamental values, democracy, human rights and freedom in exchange for relationship with the CCP.”

If the free world with it’s values will not change the CCP, the CCP will change the free world. It’s not only a threat to the Chinese people but now also to the whole world. Corona Virus which originated in China and has now changed lives across the world is a clear example.

Why do you praise President Trump’s leadership and support him in the coming elections?

“The fact that his administration decided to confront the CCP regime showed me that Trump and his admin understand the CCP Evil they understand that they don’t represent the Chinese people.”

“He has thrown away the policy of appeasement of past administrations. They are supporting the Chinese people helping them getting rid of the CCP. If the appeasement policy returns to USA-China relationships, it will be detrimental not only to Chinese future of democracy but also democracy in the USA.”

Full interview:

Cooperation: Hanna Shen, Ivan Belostenko 

New Academy awards guidelines are rooted in Marxism – Director Scotty Curlee

“When you peal back the layers of this social justice movement we are really looking at Marxist theology.” – Director Scotty Curlee lecturer in LibertyU, War Room [2015] and Extraordinary [2017], talks with Eunika Chojecka and Greta Samuel from Against the Tide TV, about the new Oscar Academy awards guidelines.

“When we pull apart this process of BLM and what organizations are behind it. What is the theology or the methodology behind it that is driving it, it’s a little bit concerning. In fact it’s a big concern. As you peal back the layers you realize there is an agenda here that is not healthy for freedom it is not healthy for the USA.”

So the academy is reinforcing that [BLM and social justice] movement that is currently going on in the USA. […] When you peal back the layers of this social justice movement we are really looking at Marxist theology.

“Yuri Bezmenov who was intelligence specialist with the KGB defected to Canada and then the USA, warned of ideological subversion. It’s a four step process. Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis and Normalization (new normal). And this social justice movement involves a Demoralization process. We are currently at Destabilization and quickly headed towards Crisis here at the elections.

The Demoralization process have been at play for a very long time. You do that through education and entertainment. A lot of these agendas have been injected through these two modalities. Most people have not realized that entertainment has been used as psychological operations or Psyops. Used by the military quite often. So when you begin to understand the 80,000 foot view and how these agendas fit into progressing the Marxist movement, it’s quite concerning.”

“Great film makers with great stories will be excluded because they will not fill the criteria of these new sets of guidelines. […] It’s getting away from craft and putting too much political agenda into art. It’s hard to separate the two, they always collide in one way or another but this will bring out some strong emotions from people.”

“The jobs should go to the most qualifying people whether if it’s all caucasian, asian or black actors it doesn’t matter. We shouldn’t inject all these artificial parameters to meet a particular quota and if you don’t you are excluded from the potential of being awarded. We should think how we can help the artists tell the story.”

Do you feel discriminated as a film maker? “Some of the guidelines are directly excluding what we believe as born again Christians. It’s the opposite of our agenda as Christians. There are certain things in there that I don’t agree with that, again, fit into this Marxist agenda. When you pull it apart it’s about disassembling the nucleus of the family. It’s about ideologically subverting the generation watching this entertainment and now the academy is part of that process rewarding it which is totally unfortunate.”

“All of us are concerned about the way this is going. These OTT platforms are going to lose viewership. […] We will see how they will respond by how they spend their money. They will not watch the academies. The numbers have been going down and you will see less people watching and subscription will drop in the years to come.”

Cooperation: Eunika Chojecka, Greta Samuel, Ivan Belostenko

“CCP will go after everyone who opposes them!” – Mark Simon, Next Media HK

Mark Simon, senior Next Media executive, AppleDaily, Jimmy Lai’s right hand and friend for over 20 years, sheds light on CCP’s influences in Hong Kong, Europe and USA, their #VaticanDeal and appeals to the Polish people and government to cut ties with Communists.

  • “What Pope Francis is doing is going to leave a black mark against the church for a thousand years”.
  • Poland, is it really worth it, for a dollar a month to sell your security and entire nation to Communist China?
  • EU, Mercedes Benz, Siemens and other big corps are fully invested in China. They don’t understand how evil the CCP is.
  • Jimmy Lai’s will end up in HK prison eventually, his arrest shows the CCP will go after everyone who opposes them.
  • You can’t have repression of a free press and a financial center. Doesn’t work.

IB: We know that Cardinal Zen is an unsparing critic of the Vatican-China deal. What are your thoughts on the situation? Do you expect more arrests in Hong Kong? What do you think might happen to cardinal Zen or others?
MS: I think they’ll be reluctant to arrest Cardinal Zen. I know quite a bit about the deal, I’ve been involved for maybe 15 years working on Vatican-China relations. Unfortunately, Pope Benedict was fantastic. Francis is not. Francis is basically, as Cardinal Zen once said, Pope Francis sees the communists the same way he used to see the communists as a boy or a young man in Argentina. He sees them as a liberating force. He sees them as something else. And now he’s been trapped by the Vatican bureaucracy, willingly trapped, I should say, let’s not let him off the hook. And essentially, he’s got this deal with China that, you know, every time you cut a deal with the communists, it just doesn’t work.
And so what’s happened now is that they thought they were going to get all these great things. Hong Kong happened. The Uyghurs have happened. This Pope is sitting in the Vatican keeping completely silent on a genocide that is taking place against the Uyghurs.

It is going to be a black mark against the church for a thousand years and this pope is doing it.

I can’t tell you the duplicity with the way the Vatican deals with this. And I’ve seen it firsthand. I’ve seen it over and over again. Cardinal Zen tells him something is going to happen. Other loyal church followers tell them something negative is going to happen in China. They completely ignore it. Francis has completely let people down.

And because of that, because the Church is probably the most formally strong group in China, everybody suffers. The evangelical house churches suffer. Of course, the Uyghurs are suffering. All religions suffer when the main religion basically packs it in. And what I mean by packs it in is Pope Francis and his secretary of state, Parolin, are literally pompadours of the mainland Chinese. I can’t tell you what they’ve done. Also, by the way, just so everybody knows, the Vatican China deal does include Hong Kong.
Absolutely. Which is why the Hong Kong Catholic Church has essentially as much as could be possible, I’d say they’ve endorsed the national security law. It’s a really tough time for Catholics in Hong Kong right now. We’re having a very, very difficult time. You have to remember, I think of myself as a resident of Hong Kong. I go back and forth to the States, but I lived in Hong Kong.
IB: Were you disappointed to hear about the scale of expansion of China and Poland and the strategic partnership we have with them at virtually every level from central to local government, 5G, you know, Huawei and the telecoms infrastructure. We even sent police and local police to train in China. What would you say to the president and the prime minister of Poland and their administration in this regard?
MS: I think they’re not reading their history books about communism, but I think the other problem they have is they just do it for money. It’s just it seems like a free deal. It seems like everything’s great. But, you know, when you look at the Huawei equipment when you look at some of these deals, you almost have, it’s like the modern-day version of buying the old Soviet cars from the 1970s. You know, I’m saying I mean, they’re just basically Huawei is not top quality stuff. So basically, it’s cheap, it’s free. It gets you up and running. But we all know that it’s not going to take you to the next level and you’re also going to be a supplicant of them.

Now, I don’t know if everybody in Poland is going to be all that excited about having all their data going back to China. But we pretty much know that’s what Huawei does. I don’t understand the moral position of Poland more than anything else. In other words, I get it. Free money, free trade, things like that. But here’s your problem. China is never going to be a huge market for you. In other words, you don’t have what China really wants in a lot of different ways. Your industries are moving forward. They’re moving quickly. But essentially, China is never going to be a massive trading partner for you.
So I don’t understand the trade angle. I also do not understand really the infrastructure angle either. I think interest rates are so low all over the world. If you’re going to borrow money, why are you going to work with the Chinese on something? And the third part of it is the political angle. Let me tell you, I can assure you within a year, the intrepid journalist in Poland are going to start finding the corruption that follows the Chinese everywhere they go. It’s insidious. It’s just insidious. I shouldn’t say the Chinese. The Chinese Communist Party, I think I don’t know what it is with certain leaders. And unfortunately, you guys have one right now.
OK he is making the case based on economics for China certainly is not making a moral he’s making on economics. I think the economics don’t work. In other words, when I look at it, I’m a businessman. Really? What, in China? What is China going to buy from Poland in my mind? What are they going to buy? And I don’t see them buying a tremendous amount of goods from you, maybe some agriculture that’s about it. But everything else, from machinery to expertise to anything else, I don’t see them buying it. Tourism. All right. That’s a little bit of money. But you know, that’s not you don’t sell your soul for that.
I think the problem is they have, as I think the world is now waking up to China, it’s the same problem I think the Polish government has. You’ve got your Polish elite government officials cutting these deals. And I think the man on the street in Poland when he looks at the economics of it, he’s going to like, all right, well, this guy made some money and that guy made some money.
But overall in Poland, does it really matter that we have this deal with China? Not really. You’ve got Ericsson across the way. Does it really matter for your telecom companies that it’s Huawei and Huawei doing what they do for infrastructure and phones, five percent, 15 percent cheaper than Ericsson? What does that mean to somebody in Poland’s daily bill? Maybe thirty-five cents less per person, less a month, a dollar less a month per person, what does that mean?

So you’re going to sell your security. You’re going to sell your entire nation out to save everybody a US dollar per month or a US dollar per year by using Huawei. I just don’t see the economics of it.

One of the things about Hong Kong, I will tell people: it’s incorrect to say Hong Kong is the new Berlin. Berlin was outside. Believe it or not, Hong Kong is the Warsaw. It was inside the Iron Curtain and you guys had to free yourselves. Hong Kong is the same way our people are going to have to find a new way and for now, a peaceful way as hopefully as long as possible of resistance.
In other words, if you’re in Hong Kong, look to Prague and look to Warsaw. Berlin had basically the US Army on the other side of it or halfway through it. We don’t have that in Hong Kong and never will. […] There’s a lot of Polish heroes who we should look to. Because we’re inside the belly of the beast. We’re not on the outside waiting to be taken over. We used to be. We used to be, but not anymore. That that changed July 1st.
IB: Let’s switch to the European Union, the respect for human rights and freedom in Hong Kong after the arrest of Jimmy Lai, it seems like quite a poor response on the side of Merkel and other EU leaders to actions taken now by the CCP. What do you think about the stance of the European Union?
MS: I think the fact of the matter is that there’s not an understanding of how really evil the CCP can be. In other words, you know, the devil doesn’t come on a bed of fire. The devil comes and basically offers you a lot of gifts and everything like that. The Germans, the Mercedes Benz, Siemens, or whatever have made a decision that they’re going to basically make money in China. That’s fine. Go ahead and do it. But the European Union doesn’t seem to understand that essentially they are never going to get what they want in China, which is a commercial success, as long as they are constantly shoe-shining the CCP.
In other words, it’s getting better. I’ll say it’s much better than it was before. There are people who are waking up. But the problem is, again, you’ve got someone like Merkel, you’ve got some of the other folks who basically, in my mind, just have to go. In other words, this is the problem you have. It’s these people who are so invested in China, they’re their business structure. Their supporters are basically completely invested in China financially, and they’re not going to change. The EU, by its nature, will always be a lesser force in China, which is one of the great worries we have about the Biden administration. The Biden administration… Multilateralism is a religion with them. So you can bet that they’re going to say: we’re going to approach China with the EU.

IB: What do you think the arrest of Jimmy Lai is spelling for the situation in Hong Kong? And what do you expect might happen to Mr. Lai following the arrest?
MS: Human rights are being pulled down the drain. In other words, what they’re doing is they’re pulling everybody down to the same low level of a lack of basic freedoms.

Jimmy Lai, what they’re doing with him is they’re letting everybody know that we will go after somebody no matter who they are, no matter what position in society they have.

We are going to come and we are going to use this national security law against Jimmy. More troubling is that they used it against basically my co-workers and my friends, who certainly by any even a far-out view of national security, had nothing to do with the national security.
For example, the administration manager or in fact, Jimmy’s sons. What they’re telling people is, is that essentially the Chinese Communist Party is in charge. And guess what? They’re playing by China rules. In other words, they just brought the rules of China and how they do things, charging family, charging friends to Hong Kong. As for Jimmy, he’s going to be on trial this week for a variety of different charges. He’s got they’ve got a whole slate of charges against him for civil disobedience. He has yet to be charged with national security. I’m sure that’s coming. My expectation is that my boss will probably end up in jail one way or the other in Hong Kong. I think they’ll try to keep him in Hong Kong for a while.
IB: And what do you think might happen to “Apple Daily” and the free media in general in Hong Kong? Is this the end of free speech?
MS: Hong Kong is an international financial center and information is the lifeblood of any city. But more importantly, the information is the lifeblood and it’s everything for a financial center. If you pull down “Apple Daily” for what is essentially just disagreeing with the government, you’ve really struck a blow against Hong Kong as a financial center. So to me, the day they decide that they’re really getting rid of “Apple Daily” is also the day they’ve decided that they’re getting rid of Hong Kong as a financial center. Can’t have both. You can’t have repression of a free press and a financial center. Doesn’t work.

IB: And finally, just on that note, with regard to Poland, how can our community, how can Polish people who love freedom help support Hong Kong right now
MS: Well, I don’t like to delve into domestic politics of other nations, but I will and what I’m saying to the Polish people is this: look at the economics of the deal that you’re cutting with China. I mean, think about it. Look at it for Huawei. Is it really worth it in your lives for a dollar a month to basically be doing business with a bunch of basically Chinese communist toadies who are probably stealing your information? In the end think about what it means to you as an individual. You know, if a man was at the end of the street and he ran a shop and he beat his wife and he beat his children, would you shop there?
That’s all I’m asking. Apply that same test to China. I’m not telling you to boycott Chinese goods, I’m not telling you anything else. But maybe tell your government, you know what, we don’t really need you, our representatives that we voted for to basically help these guys get to where they want to go.
On a government to government level and granting them favors and things like that, why, that’s my point to the Polish people. Just ask your government officials why? You don’t have to do a lot of different things, but ask why.
It’s wonderful to see younger people like yourselves but I think the older folks should remind the younger ones exactly what communism is and we know exactly who communists are. Why is our government cutting a deal with these guys?

IB: Exactly, and we, of course, ask all our viewers to also pray for Hongkongers and for strength, because we know that as Elmer Yuen said in our television, the biggest weapon that we have, the Chinese CCP doesn’t have is God.
MS: Amen. That’s exactly that. I’m too much of an American. But, yeah, every all the prayer means so much you wouldn’t believe it, you know, prayed for my boss, Jimmy, like, please pray for him and pray for Cardinal Zen. And also, to be honest with you, pray for our very solid Protestant leaders in Hong Kong. We have some very, very solid guys who are moving forward, are stepping up.
IB: Thank you very much, Mark. On behalf of freedom-loving Poles, I would like to also thank you for your courage and for standing up to the Chinese Communist Party’s oppressive regime, and fighting for freedom of Hong Kong. Our television and community continues the longstanding Polish tradition of fighting for your freedom and ours. And so Hong Kong and all freedom-loving people around the world can always count on our support.
MS: Thanks so much and God bless.

cooperation: Hanna Shen, Eunika Chojecka

When was the Noah Flood? Mathematician answers!

As we are observing the world population growth, we can see that its progress is very rapid. Many researchers are trying to predict what this rate will be like in the future and what consequences it will lead to. On the other hand, few researchers take time to wonder what this rapid growth tells us about the size of the population in the past.

 Using mathematics, I interpolated the historic data of the size of the world population using exponential function. Evolutionists say that mankind has been living on Earth for 200 000 years and there were 10 000 people 70 000 years ago. However, mathematic approximation shows that in 2369 BC, there were only 8 people! Amazingly, it confirms the Bible which says that God created the Earth about 4000 years before Christ and God sent the flood 1656 years after the creation, i.e. about 2344 BC. Therefore, the difference between the mathematical approximation and what God said in the Bible is only 25 years!

Mathematical model

Firstly, I will try to approximate historical world population data with the use of some mathematical function so that we will be able to predict the world’s population in the future, but at the same time, we will be able to estimate how the world’s population changed in the past. In the diagram below, I am presenting the historical data of the world’s population.

At first glance, we can see that the population grows exponentially. However, it turns out that the approximation by functions


is weak, i.e. a big approximation error occurs. It is caused by the fact that the population is growing faster than this function (using this kind of approximation, in 2020 less than 3 billion people would be living on Earth. The fact is that now we have 7,8 billion). Therefore, I will use functions that can grow much faster. I will use a function



In this part, I will try to explain the mathematics which I used. This will be a technical paragraph, if you don’t like mathematics, please feel free to skip it.

For a family of approximating functions, I used


for real parameters a,b>0, c>1.   Variable t represents time. To use this kind of function also for negative t (which corresponds to BC dates), I define


for negative t. Therefore, we have functions that grow rapidly in positive t and which tends to 0 when t goes to -∞  (times goes back to the past). Now, we have to calculate the most optimal parameters a, b, c.

The approximation algorithm is the following: I chose two nodes – two dates, in which the values of function have to be equal to historical data. For these nodes, I solve the equations and determine variables a and b, dependently of c. Next, I perform the optimization in c, testing c > 1, for which the sum of squares of errors (differences between approximation and historical dates) is the smallest. Which dates do I choose? Here, I also test all possibilities (pairs of available dates). So the algorithm is as follows: for each pair of dates I test parameter c, for this c, I obtain and b and then, the sum of the square of errors.

This way, I obtain optimal dates (500 AD and 1974 AD) and the optimal exponent c=10.44 and parameters a and b. It turns out that historical data of the world population are best approximated by function with parameters a = 0.299, b = 0.0021. The sum of absolute values of errors is 2.2 billion people.

To avoid calculation errors, the time the unit is 1000 years, and the function values are billions of people.

The “historical” data of the size of the world population is also a problematic issue. From which point in time is this data based on historical documents, and not just on the wishes of evolutionists? The matter is debatable – it is known that Julius Caesar tried to count the population of some regions (e.g. England). During the reign of Emperor Octavian (27 BC – 14 AD), a census of the Roman Empire was carried out – then, there were around 80 million people. Therefore, I believe that data from 1 AD can be trusted. I also add data from 1000 BC and 2000 BC, although I realize that these are estimates.

Disputes regarding the adopted model and data selection are discussed in the section on criticism.

Result analysis

Now, we can examine what our function tells us about the past. Evolutionists say that man has been inhabiting the earth for about 200,000 years, and that in 70,000 BC, there were 10,000 people on Earth. How does this relate to the data determined by our approximation? We can check when our function’s value equals 8 (number of people in Noah Ark). It turns out that it happened about 2369 BC. Note, according to the Bible world is about 6000 years old – 2000 years after Christ and about 4000 before. However, Flood occurred 1656 years after the creation. And this implicates that 8 people came out from the Ark around 2344 BC. See? It turns out that our mathematical approximation confirms what the Bible says – the difference is only 25 years!

Criticism of the model

Of course, there are many issues to argue about in this model – you can criticize the choice of the form of the approximation function. Population-modeling mathematicians usually use exponential approximations, but sometimes additional modifications are made, e.g. we can study this kind of functions


and have the inflection point shifted. I also tested such models. We can also look for an approximation by the method of the least squares rather than by nodes which is what I do.

As for historical data, the overrepresentation of data from the last century is immediately noticeable, which makes it outweigh past data when calculating the sum of the squares of errors. Here, I used two modifications – I also tested the dataset in which the dates are equally spaced apart by every 500 years, and I tested the method of calculating the sum of the squared errors with weights, where the weight was the time elapsed since the last date.

However, applying all this modification, the approximation curve always converged to the value of 8 people living somewhere between 2700 BC and 2000 BC. So you can see that regardless of the model adopted, the result is always extremely distant from the 200,000 years served to us by evolutionists.

Even if we limit our study to the period in which the population grew the slowest e.g. to 1 AD – 1500 AD, (then the population increased by only 250 million people in over 1500 years), then linear regression line shows that there were 8 people on the Earth in 1522 BC, whereas exponential regression curve shows that there were 8 people on the Earth about 40 000 years BC. The last result is so distant because the curve grows very slowly (at the same time it descends very slowly, looking backward). According to that curve, there would be only 580 million people in 2020, i.e. 7,22 billion people less than there is. But even in this case, it is a difference of 160,000 years compared to the evolutionists’ hypothesis …

Population growth rate

Another approach to studying population growth is to calculate the population growth rate. It is expressed by a formula


t> t1 shown above are two dates and P(t) describes the size of the population in time t. The population growth rate is expressed in percentage. If for example this rate is at a some year  equal to A, and in this year the population size is X, then in the next year the population will increase by A * X people.

The population growth rate is currently 1.05%, although in 1968 it was 2.08%. According to evolutionists, man has been living on earth for 200,000 years. However, if we assumed a population growth rate as low as 0.105%, which is 10 times less than it is today, then the population would double every 656 years. After 200 000 years, the population, starting from two people, today should be 2,85 * 1091 , so for every square centimeter of the earth, there would be 1,91 * 1073 people :).

If we assume the population growth rate even at such a low level as we observed in the years 1 AD – 1500 AD, that is 0,046%, then (assuming there were 2 persons 200 000 years ago) today on the earth there would be 1,76 * 1040  people, that is 2200000000000000000000000000000 times more than it is now :). If we assume evolutionist hypothesis – 2 people 200,000 years ago and 7.8 billion now, we get a population growth rate equal to 0.01%. Then the population would double every 6277 years (for the last 2,000 years the population has doubled on average every 406 years) With these hypotheses, assuming 25 million people in 2000 BC, today there would have only 39.6 million people on earth, which is not much more than in Poland today :).

For comparison, if we examine the data given by God in the Bible, i.e. 8 people about 4,400 years ago – this is the number that came out of Noah’s Ark – and then take the current number of people, we get a growth rate equal to 0.5%, which is comparable to the current one.

The evolutionists’ answer

The argument that evolutionists make when confronted with such calculations is that in the past there were diseases and wars, medical care was poor and therefore the population grew very slowly or was constant.

This hypothesis should be confronted with historical data. Well, history shows that the world’s population grew at such a rate despite various epidemics and wars, and in particular despite world wars!

Here is a list of the biggest epidemics in the history of the world:

Plague of Justinian (541–544 AD) – around 25 million – 100 million casualties
Black Death (1346–1353 AD) – around 75 million – 200 million casualties
“Third” plague pandemic (1855 AD) – around 12 million casualties
Spanish flu (1918–1919) – between 30 million and 100 million casualties

 Here is a list of wars that have claimed enormous numbers of lives:

Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648 AD) – around 8 million casualties
Swedish Deluge (1655–1660 AD) – around 3 million casualties
Taiping Rebellion (1852–1864 AD) – around 10 million – 30 million casualties
American Civil War (1861–1865 AD) – around 1 million casualties
World War I (1914–1918) – around 14 million casualties
Holodomor (1921–1947) – around 10 million casualties
World War II (1939–1945) – around 60 million casualties
Stalinism victims (1922–1953) – around 60 million casualties
Mao Zedong victims (1927–1976) – around 70 million casualties
Vietnam War (1955–1975) – around 3 million casualties
Soviet-Afghan War (1979–1989) – around 2 million casualties
Korean War (1950–1953) – around 1,6 million casualties
Sudanese Civil War (1983–2005) – around 2 million casualties

I have listed the wars of the last 400 years, but people who know history know that there have been wars virtually since the very beginning. When we compare population growth with wars and epidemics, we can see the population growing at a rapid rate despite these events, so the argument of the evolutionists is wrong.

We can see that the population growth observed over the last 4,000 years allows us to approximate the starting date – the point in history at which the men appeared. My calculations show that the mathematical estimates suggesting that in 2369 BC there were only 8 people on Earth, confirm what the Bible says about human history. The evolutionists’ claim on 200,000 years of human history can just as well be perceived as a fairy tale, because even with minimal population growth today, there would be a looooooooooooooot more people on Earth.

Tymoteusz Chojecki

PhD in Mathematics

Article was published in Idź Pod Prąd year 18, nr 03-08 (188-193) March-August 2020



World population hits 6 billion. NBC News.com, 12 października 1999.

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