28 March 2023

“Freedom of speech is for me…” – a campaign has been launched!

There is no free media without freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is the basis of social functioning. Unfortunately, in our country it is restricted in many cases. Therefore, we have launched a campaign encouraging Poles to record their definitions of freedom of speech. Check out how to join! [Read more…]

Technology summary of the year on IPP TV

Artificial intelligence, GPT chat, NFT – what else surprised us last year? Ahead of you is the technological summary of 2022! We also mentioned the Facebook and Twitter scandals. [More…]


Two earthquakes in Turkey and Syria – IPP INFO SERVICE

On Monday, February 6, at 2:17 a.m. Polish time, the first tremors of magnitude 7.8 occurred in southern Turkey near the border with Syria. They lasted for several tens of seconds. After 11:00 a.m. Polish time, another quake of magnitude 7.5 occurred with an epicenter about 80 kilometers north of the first one. In both countries, rescuers are still searching for buried people. The rescue operation is hampered by cold weather and snow. Rescuers from various countries are arriving on the scene, including 76 firefighters from Poland, who will form the heavy search and rescue group “HUZAR.” [More…]

Czechs have balls! – interview with a politician from Prague

“From behind the door I hear hammer blows…” “I raise my two middle fingers to the Chinese Communists.” SEE how Pavel Novotny reported on our conversation at his home. And the interview didn’t end there! [More…]

ŻUKU “Process” – RAP about freedom of speech

Szymon Żuk (ŻUKU) recorded a rap about freedom of speech, which is increasingly restricted in Poland. [More…]



Homeschooling simpler than you think

David and Leslie Nunnery – the founders of Teach Them Diligently – appeared on our TV show. They talked about what homeschooling is like in the United States and the benefits it brings to both children and parents. More information can be found on their website.




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