Another appeal hearing in the trial of Pastor Pawel Chojecki 

An appeal hearing was held on January 31 in the trial of Pastor Pawel Chojecki, editor-in-chief of Go Against the Tide TVand pastor of the New Covenant Church in Lublin. The pastor is being tried for his words. Several sentences he said in his sermons and other programs aired on our television did not please a group of hecklers and the Law and Justice party prosecution. The Court of Appeals decided at its January session to adjourn the case until April 13.

Live from the court is available on our YouTube channel. [Read more…]

7th birthday of Go Against the Tide TV

Exactly 7 years ago Go Against the Tide TV began broadcasting daily live programs. On this occasion, we prepared a special birthday program format for you. We broadcast for you our morning Bible study and prepared a quiz show with members of the editorial staff and a special live where you could ask us questions. [Read more…]

You could also get to know our editorial staff from behind the scenes and see those you don’t see on a daily basis, as well as what happens outside of the recordings. [More…]

We invite you to sum up these seven years of IPP TV! [Read more…]

Freedom Concert – Solidarity with Pastor Chojecki

On Sunday, January 29, a unique event took place at the headquarters of Go Against the Tide TV! Freedom Concert – Solidarity with Pastor Chojecki, which featured Jurek and Gosia Dajukowie & Friends, Pastor Abraham Diamonde and the team of the New Covenant Church in Lublin.

We broadcast the event live for you! LIVE from the Freedom Concert is available on our YouTube channel. [More…]

Everything that we have achieved so far has been possible thanks to God’s blessing, thanks to the generosity and support of our viewers, and thanks to the hard work of a talented and well-coordinated team.

We are not paid by any means by the government, political parties, corporations, or any other groups and therefore, we can work completely independently and achieve such success in reaching Poles with the truth.

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“Freedom of speech is for me…” – a campaign has been launched!

There is no free media without freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is the basis of social functioning. Unfortunately, in our country it is restricted in many cases. Therefore, we have launched a campaign encouraging Poles to record their definitions of freedom of speech. Check out how to join! [Read more ]

Is it possible to say anything you want? LIVE with a pastor: FREEDOM OF SPEECH

Youth from the Your Movement Foundation organized “Live with the Pastor” on the topic of freedom of speech. During the program, our viewers were able to ask Pastor Pawel Chojecki questions live.

Can you say anything you want? What about swearing? What are the limits of freedom of speech? You’ll find answers to these and many other questions in our program.

We are planning more episodes of “Live with the Pastor” in the near future. [Read more…]

Priest at the Crossroads, the Clergy’s Tentacles

How far do the clergy’s tentacles reach in Poland? What awaits those who decide to throw off the cassock and leave the Catholic Church? Where to find meaning and hope? A former priest, now a pastor Leslaw Juszczyszyn on IPP TV.
[Read more…]

Poles stop going to church! Roxie Węgiel: I go there with my buddies, not for the priests!

Just a few years ago, many Poles could not imagine a Sunday without going to church. Today, less than 1/3 of us go there. WHY? Rafał Betlejewski, Krzysztof Gwizdała and Pastor Paweł Chojecki comment.

[Read more…]

Benedict’s death

The Pope, head of the Catholic Church, has died. What message did Benedict XVI leave behind? What did he want to change in the Church? What does the future hold for Catholics? And what significance does it have for the world? Fr. Prof. Andrzej Kobylinski and Pastor Pawel Chojecki comment.  [Read more…]

New Year’s concert: Christmas carols and songs at IPP

The world’s greatest hits and traditional highland carols🎤- extraordinary New Year’s Concert: rich repertuar❄️Polsih pastorals & gospel, Christmas songs, both in Polish and English.

Check it out! [More…]

God’s message to the Polish people!

The new year is a time of resolutions and changes. During this time heads of states and religious leaders deliver messages to their nations.

We focused on God’s message and tried to examine, basing on the Bible, what would He say to the Polish people today, what message would He deliver?

[Read more…]

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