Christian Conference

In June, we organized a reunion of Christians of our project. Our special guests were the rector of the largest and oldest Bible seminary in Ukraine, the pastor of the Baptist church in Kyiv, Ygor Yaremchuk, and his wife Lena, who is engaged in teaching women at the Irpien Bible Seminary. Pastor Jaremczuk preached during the Sunday meeting of the New Covenant Church in Lublin, and also spoke about the beginnings of the Bible seminary and Christianity in Ukraine.

We also organized a women’s meeting with Lena Yaremchuk, which was devoted to the topic of how a woman can find her space in the service. We also hosted our guests in a live program.

During the Polish-Ukrainian Christians’ conference “Always ready” pastor Igor Yaremchuk and pastor Paweł Chojecki decided to establish the Polish-Ukrainian Bible Institute in Lublin under patronage of the Bible Seminary in Irpin. The seminary has been destroyed during the war by the Russians, and many of its students and professors are now outside Ukraine.

“I have the privilege to announce that together with dr. pastor Igor Yaremchuk we have decided to establish the Polish-Ukrainian Bible Institute in Lublin. We will start classes on August 20 this year! Today, I invite you to contact me, soon we’ll give you more details. Praise God, He makes our dreams come true!” – pastor Paweł Chojecki said.

Pastor Dr. Igor Yaremchuk spoke about the new Polish-Ukrainian biblical project: “We have 830 students and 70 employees who are now scattered all over the world. We want to open branches of the seminary in Irpin where those people are scattered. We dream that such a branch will be established in Lublin. Praise God that Pastor Paweł Chojecki and I decided to start this process. On the one hand, it will be about learning, on the other hand, it will be about building community. We can see that this can result in a closer bond between Polish and Ukrainian churches. We also want to open such branches in Germany, the Czech Republic, and Italy. But since Poland was the first to help us, that’s why we are starting in Poland!”

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During the conference, we heard a series of creationist lectures on what we can learn about the history of mankind from genetic research on the Y chromosome. Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson is the author of the following books:

  • “Replacing Darwin”
  • “Replacing Darwin. Made simple”
  • „Traced. Human DNA’s Big Surprise”

Also, we organized the Polish-Ukrainian Concert of Glory in Lublin. The music band of the Ukrainian Church of God “Grace of Christ” in Krakow and the music band “Against the Tide” of the Church of the New Covenant in Lublin praised God with songs. On Litewski Square, Pastor Ygor Yaremchuk, Pastor Andrei Hlopkov, and Pastor Pavel Chojecki gave their speeches.

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There was also a baptism, which was received by 8 people.

Everything that we have achieved so far has been possible thanks to God’s blessing, thanks to the generosity and support of our viewers, and thanks to the hard work of a talented and well-coordinated team.

We are not paid by any means by the government, political parties, corporations, or any other groups and therefore, we can work completely independently and achieve such success in reaching Poles with the truth.

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Bill Browder, entrepreneur and political activist: ‘Putin is afraid of Russians’

We hosted Bill Browder, a well-known entrepreneur and political activist involved in the campaign against Vladimir Putin and authoritarian Russia, engaged in the fight against oligarchs. We talked about whether a fundamental change in Russia is possible, about the information war, and the West’s fight against it. We also touched on communist China and its contribution to spreading disinformation. [Film – ENG version]

Professor Magdalena Środa: “Archbishop Jędraszewski sent by Satan!”

Professor Magdalena Środa, a philosopher specializing in ethics and a publicist, spoke on the impact of RE on the young generation. We also talked about the destructive influence of the clergy and catechists on young people.

Środa summed up the regulation introduced by Prof. Samsonowicz 32 years ago, concerning the introduction of catechesis to schools: “It has been confirmed, after many years, that RE at school does not add to knowledge about faith and its foundations. Children from kindergarten spend 900 hours [at RE classes] and have zero knowledge of moral theology, of the content of Scripture.”

Środa also treated the Bible as a cultural basis. She compared it to the works of Shakespeare, saying that every European should know at least some of its content.

Screening of “Formosa Betrayed” and discussion with Hanna Shen

Together with our correspondent in Taiwan Hanna Shen, we organized a screening of the film “Formosa Betrayed”, which tells the story of an FBI agent during the times of the dictatorship of Chiang Kai-shek in Taiwan in the 80s. The story is based on real events. After the movie, we held a discussion in our studio with Hanna Shen.

She said: “The film shows how the state of the 80s, the state of dictatorship, where the mention of Taiwan as a sovereign state [being independent of the PRC] was punishable by death. This shows how far Taiwan has developed since the period when in Poland, there was martial law. We [since then] are still fighting for freedom of speech, for economic freedom. Taiwan is heading in the opposite direction – it has more and more freedom, in many polls and rankings it has already surpassed even the United States.”

Richard Zevenbergen, a Dutch missionary on Against the Tide TV

We talked to Richard Zevenbergen, a Dutch missionary in Brazil. Daily, he trains and prepares Brazilians for missionary service. He also works with students and serves as a pastor in a Brazilian church where he is responsible for English-speaking service. The pastor told us about his experiences of ministry and evangelism, as well as the spiritual state of Brazil. [Film – ENG version]


  • We have started a project for an online Polish language course, which is conducted by Dr. Natalia Sosnowska.
  • On our website there is a leaflet “Putin’s Pope”, which is available in Polish and Ukrainian. [Leaflet – UA version]
  • The first podcast of pastor and psychologist Ireneusz Dawidowicz entitled “How to deal with jealousy?” has appeared. Soon, you’ll see the next episodes of the new series “The Bible through the eyes of a psychologist”.


  • We are preparing for the summer camp of the Megachurch project in July.
  • We have started the construction of a children’s playground on the premises of our headquarters.




Each subsequent month is a hard fight to achieve all our goals. We have ambitious plans for the future. The achievement of these goals largely depends on your commitment and your contribution to supporting the Against the Tide project.